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Watertown, MA–February 2, 2024

Since 1982, AdventureWomen has warmly embraced women experiencing profound life changes. Travel has the power to nourish the soul and serve as a guiding force for women navigating challenging times. AdventureWomen guests find not only safety and comfort but also the chance to marvel, wonder, and embark on unique travel adventures. 

FACT: In the US, 2,800 women become widows each day. 70% of women will face widowhood in their lifetimes. The United States has the 3rd largest widow population with 13.5 million widows (2011 US Census Bureau; The Loomba Foundation). 

When a life journey includes the loss of a partner, AdventureWomen is there to ensure women feel supported as they navigate and embrace a new life and travel again. Traveling can be a big step into a future of hopefulness and happiness in widowhood. Many widows find that traveling helps them define who they are in their new life. It gets them out into the world to encounter new people, places, and experiences, helping them feel stronger and more confident. 

“After losing my husband in 2020, I found it was hard to find other people to travel with. AdventureWomen makes it easy.” – Shannon K., two-time AdventureWomen guest 

‍After the loss of a spouse, it’s not always easy to know how to get started with travel. And milestone dates, such as anniversaries or holidays, can be especially hard to navigate. 

FACT: The most stressful life event is losing a spouse (Holmes-RaheLife Stress Inventory). 

AdventureWomen recently announced a collaboration with the Modern Widows Club— a respected innovator in widowhood research, advocacy, and education and an organization that understands the unique challenges women face. At ModernWidows Club women can find friendship, support, and a safe and encouraging community with others who understand this journey.  

“At AdventureWomen we pride ourselves on taking very good care of our guests. We’re a small team and we get to know our guests personally. We share in both their challenges and their victories,” says AdventureWomen President Paige Davis. “We feel very fortunate to be able to collaborate with Modern Widows Club — an organization that shares many of our core values around relationship and community building.” 

FACT: 76% of women are widowed when they are 59 years or younger(2011 US Census Bureau; 2020 MWC Survey). 

“For years, the death of my first husband was so defining that it created a stoppage in my family’s timeline, labeling every memory either ‘pre’ or ‘post’ loss.” – Kristen M., thirteen-time AdventureWomen guest 

Kristen shares how powerful travel has been in her growth: “Today, in my post-loss life, I travel with AdventureWomen to show my kids how women can be independent and brave. I hope to set the bar for my daughters and to set the expectation that my sons believe in and support strong women. I travel for perspective – to understand what life looks like for women around the globe. I travel to see what it takes to make the world better – one small act, donation, or kind gesture at a time. And perhaps most importantly to me, I travel to honor the lives of those who have left us too soon.” 


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AdventureWomen is proudly women-owned and operated since 1982. We offer dynamic explorations brimming with empowerment and discovery. Each adventure includes meaningful encounters with local women driven by our unwavering belief in the value of women-to-women cultural experiences. Our trips all over the world transform strangers into a family of friends transcending boundaries.