Trip Overview

Experience Vietnam’s vibrant past and present by foot, bike, and boat. Explore some of the country’s most evocative locales and get off the beaten path to learn about today’s Vietnamese way of life.

Welcome to Vietnam!

Begin your exploration of Vietnam in Hanoi, where you’ll explore the narrow, vibrant streets of the historic French Quarter on foot and stroll past Ho Chi Minh’s imposing mausoleum with your guide.

Your expert Vietnamese guide joins you throughout your trip, offering in-depth and colorful information about the cities and towns you’ll visit, teaching you a few Vietnamese words and some local secrets along the way.

Meet up with your biking guide, who will fit you to a bike and helmet and lead you on narrow paved paths as you pedal through local neighborhoods, markets, and homes, learning about the small communities on the outskirts of Hanoi. Your ride will end at a local restaurant for lunch where you can enjoy a typical Vietnamese meal! Afterward, you’ll have an afternoon to explore more or to kick your feet up, take in a water puppet show, a traditional Vietnamese art form.

Private Boat Cruising

Next, head to the water in Ha Long Bay for two nights of private boat cruising. After getting to know your home for the next two nights, hop in kayaks and paddle around a traditional fishing village and islands with sheer rock faces dropping into the ocean. If you’re up early enough, Tai Chi on the upper deck is a serene way to see the Bay as the sun rises over the coastline of the mainland. Savor breakfast as you float along, soaking in the scenery before kayaking and swimming at Cong Dam, a pristine section of the bay with small coves and tiny secluded beaches.

Hue, Hoi An, and the Imperial City

After one more early morning floating Tai Chi session, fly to Hue, where you’ll visit the Imperial City, a colorful traditional walled estate with quarters for the Empress, the Emperor’s mother, and the Emperor’s concubines. One of the trip’s highlights is your dinner with a local family, who will regale you with stories of growing up during Vietnam’s rebuilding period. Take time to ask questions and share stories and laughs over the many traditional dishes of Hue that were originally developed to entice the Emperor.

In Hoi An, prepare your taste buds as your group works together to create your own three-course Vietnamese meal! While you’re in Hoi An, explore the welcoming city, test a local restaurant, or even visit a local tailor to get custom articles of clothing made.

Siem Reap in Cambodia

Finish your journey with a 3-day adventure in Siem Reap, a charming city located in northwestern Cambodia. Embark on a Tuk-Tuk adventure to explore the captivating Ruins of Siem Reap, partake in a traditional water blessing ceremony before sampling a variety of delightful Khmer cuisine dishes. This trip wouldn’t be complete without witnessing the sunrise at the Angkor Wat temple – the crown jewel of the temples around Siem Reap. This one last temple will take your breath away and is an image you’ll keep in your mind (and photo album!) for many years to come.



Main Attractions

  • Explore local Hanoi and its historic highlights in a convertible army jeep, cycle through the medieval citadel of Hanoi – Hoa Lo
  • Cruise and kayak through the environmentally protected region of Ha Long Bay, Bai Tu Long Bay where the number of boats is limited
  • Roll up your sleeves and dive into the flavors of Vietnam in a morning cooking class in Hoi An
  • See the ancient ruins of Angkor Wat at Sunrise
  • Explore the remote ruins in the jungle
  • Be a part of a water blessing by local monks to ensure your safe travels

What You'll See and Do

  • Bicycling
  • Cooking Class
  • Cultural Exploration
  • Historical Sites
  • Kayaking
  • Local Delicacies
  • Private Cruise
  • Spa Element
  • Swimming
  • UNESCO Site
  • Women-To-Women Exchanges

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Trip Itinerary

The AdventureWomen itineraries are subject to change depending on the chosen departure date. To view a specific departure itinerary, simply click on the "Browse Detailed Itinerary" button above and select your date.

Day 1

Arrive in Hanoi

Welcome to Vietnam! Discover the enchanting landscapes, colorful traditions, enticing cuisine, and genuinely friendly people of a remarkable country at the crossroads of past and future.

Arrive at the Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi, Vietnam (HAN) today before 12:00 pm.

There is one group transfer from the airport for flights that arrive before 12:00 pm. Private transfers are available at additional cost for those arriving early.

Meet your guide and fellow Adventure Women in the lobby of your hotel at 2:00 pm.

Stretch your legs on a walking tour of Hanoi. Pass Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum and wander the French Quarter learning about the history of the city along the way.

Embark on an adventure through the lesser-known areas of Hanoi. Your senses will come alive as we navigate a maze of backstreets, alleyways, and bustling markets. Hear, touch, taste, and smell the authentic essence of Hanoi.

Enjoy a lively welcome dinner in the home of a local Hanoi resident. Meet the hosts and their extended family as you enrich your understanding of local life. Connect with your fellow travelers and discover the unique reasons each woman in your group is excited to explore Vietnam and Cambodia. To conclude the night, join a One-of-a-Kind Experience: the Flag Lowering Ceremony in Ba Dinh Square.


Overnight: Hotel de L’Opera

Day 2


Pedal the small paths through a neighborhood on the outskirts of Hanoi. This is not a difficult ride, and you’ll take it slowly (17 miles over about three hours). Biking allows you to see areas that you can’t get to by car.

Enjoy a typical Vietnamese meal for lunch in a local restaurant.

Explore on your own this afternoon. You could explore the local galleries near your hotel or simply just enjoy a coffee while watching the whirlwind of life around you.

Take in a late afternoon water puppet show at the Thang Long theater. This is a unique Vietnamese art form that depicts scenes from rural life.

Enjoy dinner as a group this evening.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Hotel de L’Opera

Day 3

Hanoi to Ha Long Bay

Leave Hanoi at around 9 am this morning and drive about three and a half hours to Halong Bay. Enjoy seeing scenes of Vietnamese daily life along the way.

Arrive in the Bay and board your privately chartered boat – just for AdventureWomen – in time for lunch! Relax and explore the boat as you soak in the views of the Bay.

Paddle around Vung Vieng fishing village in tandem kayaks. Vung Vieng is a small community 12 miles from the mainland, and some families have been here for generations.

Have a cooking demonstration on the boat, where you’ll learn to prepare some of the mouth-watering dishes for which Vietnam is famous. Enjoy the sunset on the deck of your boat before enjoying dinner on board.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Chartered Boat

Day 4

Ha Long Bay

If you’re up early enough, participate in early morning Tai Chi on the upper deck and watch the scenery as you float along.

Breakfast is served while we cruise to Cong Dam this morning, a small old village. Explore the geology of Bai Tu Long Bay on your way. Make your way through the small coves, tiny beaches, and estuaries by kayak, on foot, and swimming!

Enjoy lunch on board your boat.

Take one last opportunity to kayak in this remarkable waterscape.

Relax on the boat with your new friends and enjoy dinner as a group.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Chartered Boat

Day 5

Ha Long Bay to Hue

Enjoy a light breakfast before exploring the Thien Canh Son Caves. The pathway into the cave is set below the forest canopy and a stone cliff. Once you get inside the cave, you’ll feel like you’ve entered an ethereal wonderland. The ceiling of the cave is covered with a shiny “gem carpet,” and numerous sparkling stalactites hang from the ceiling.

Cruise back into the harbor and enjoy brunch as you return to the pier.

Drive about three hours to the Hanoi airport for your flight to Hue, which is just over one hour.

You’ll be picked up at the Hue airport and driven about 30 minutes to your hotel. Relax and have dinner as a group this evening.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Pilgrimage Hotel

Day 6


Visit Khai Dinh’s Tomb, considered the last emperor to reign in Vietnam. He loved French and Vietnamese art. The tomb itself is a blend of Vietnamese traditions and the modern world.

Focus on women’s culture in imperial life as you explore the citadel today. As a walled Imperial estate, there were strictly enforced codes of conduct for women, including when and where they could be seen. The imperial city of Hue is known for its historic monuments, which have earned it a place in UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. Visit the Tu Hieu Pagoda, regarded as the largest and oldest pagoda and built in a pine forest known for its feng shui and paths designed for meditation.

After enjoying lunch as a group, you’ll have a chance to relax and enjoy the spa and the grounds of your beautiful hotel.

You’ll meet a local woman whose father lived in Hue during the Vietnam War. He rebuilt his home and garden in the style of Hue upper-class families of the past. You’ll have the chance to talk to her about what it was like to grow up during the rebuilding period of Vietnam, after the war. The family will treat you to some of the traditional dishes developed in Hue originally to entice the Emperor. Make sure you peek into the kitchen – it’s amazing what they can do in the space!

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Pilgrimage Hotel

Day 7

Hue to Hoi An

Leave Hue at around 9 am and head for Hoi An. After about three hours, you’ll stop and have lunch at a restaurant in Danang on the way. Dip your toes in the water before driving another 30 minutes to Hoi An.

Once you arrive in Hoi An, go for a walking tour to learn about this 500-year-old port town with blended architecture and traditions.

Dinner is up to you tonight. This is a great night to visit a tailor if you’d like to have any clothing made, or head out to one of the many local, fusion, or western restaurant options.

Breakfast, Lunch

Overnight: Allegro Hotel

Day 8

Hoi An

Before your Vietnamese cooking class, head to the market, learn about the local flavors, visit a few restaurants and street food kitchens to taste some local delicacies. Head to the kitchen where you’ll make a three-course meal for lunch. The menu and lesson are based on the best and freshest produce available that day. Your group will have a great time preparing this feast!

Explore the city of Hoi An, enjoy the pool, or book a massage. The choice is yours this afternoon!

Enjoy dinner as a group tonight.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Allegro Hotel

Day 9

Hoi An to Siem Reap

Depart from your Hoi An hotel and take a 35-minute drive to Danang Airport. Bid farewell to your Vietnamese guide. Board your flight to Siem Reap. Lunch will be at your own leisure today.

Upon your arrival at Siem Reap airport, a Visa specialist will be there to assist you. Each of you will be required to submit two passport photos with your name printed on the reverse side. It’s important to remind you that the cost of this visa is covered as part of your trip. After you pick up your bags at the baggage claim area, our Khmer guide and drivers will be there to greet you.

Check in your hotel and relax before dinner. This evening, we will venture to a renowned Cambodian restaurant featured in “The Killing Fields” movie, which also served as a gathering spot for foreign press during the American Vietnam War era, prior to the Pol Pot regime.

Breakfast, Dinner

Overnight: Shinta Mani Angkor

Day 10

Siem Reap

Embark on a Tuk Tuk adventure to explore the captivating Ruins of Siem Reap. In each of these local three-wheeled transports, three passengers will immerse themselves in an authentic sensory journey, as they encounter the following:
1. South Gate: This entrance to the royal city vividly portrays the epic Hindu battle of gods and demons.
2. Bayon: King Jayavarman’s temple, reflecting the significance of both the people and their daily lives.
3. Elephant Terrace and the Terrace of the Leper King: These sites offer a glimpse into the remnants of the royal palace.
4. Ta Prohm: Known today as the iconic “Jungle ruin” featured in “Tomb Raider,” this temple remains in a state of captivating decay.

Visit a local watt, partake in a traditional water blessing ceremony, and savor a delightful lunch in a local household. This immersive experience offers a genuine glimpse into the daily life of a local family. Return to the hotel and enjoy a leisurely afternoon by the pool.

Enjoy a Khmer cuisine farewell dinner with your new AdventureWomen friends. Khmer cuisine may be less renowned than its Vietnamese or Thai counterparts, but it boasts a rich tapestry of flavors, both familiar and distinct. It’s an experience well worth savoring while reflecting on the cherished memories you’ve created.

Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Overnight: Shinta Mani Angkor

Day 11

Depart Siem Reap

At dawn, embark on a tuk-tuk journey to witness the sunrise at the Angkor Wat temple. As you wander through the temple, the largest religious monument globally, you’ll discover its fascinating history. Initially conceived as a Hindu temple devoted to the deity Vishnu during the Khmer Empire, it underwent a gradual conversion into a Buddhist temple in the late 12th century. This temple stands as a pinnacle of classical Khmer architecture, proudly symbolizing Cambodia and even gracing its national flag.

Return back to the hotel at around 8:00 AM to enjoy breakfast and the pool. Check out of the hotel by noon.

Take advantage of a group transfer to the Siem Reap International Airport (REP). Fly after 1:00 PM today.



Please note: AdventureWomen will attempt to adhere to the itinerary as much as possible. However, certain conditions (political, climatic, environmental, and cultural) may necessitate changes in the itinerary. AdventureWomen reserves the right to alter any itinerary at any time, if necessary. We will attempt to notify participants of changes as far in advance as possible. Costs incurred by such changes will be the responsibility of the participants. 

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Traveling to Vietnam

Arrival and Departure Information

November 10, 2025 Departure:

Arrive: Arrive at the Noi Bai Airport in Hanoi, Vietnam (HAN) on November 10, 2025 before 12:00pm.

Depart: Depart from the Siem Reap International Airport (REP) on November 20, 2025 after 1:00pm. Note that you need to leave your hotel three hours prior to your flight time, so you may not want to choose an early morning flight.

We are happy to help you make your flight and travel arrangements. If you’d like to do anything prior to or following the AdventureWomen trip, we’d be delighted to help you arrange any trip extensions you’re interested in.

Note: The recent trend in travel is for travelers to finalize their plans much closer to departure time than was customary in the past. While we try to be as flexible as possible booking last-minute registrants, we must release hotel rooms two to three months prior to departure! Please keep this in mind when making your travel plans.

Preparation and Packing  

Please use the following guides as a reference when preparing for your adventure. We also encourage you to adapt the guides to your travel style as well as the destination’s forecasted weather.  


Gratuities are a personal decision and are at your own discretion based on your level of satisfaction with the service provided. Gratuities are dependent upon the number of guests on your departure, and they vary greatly from trip to trip. As a general reference, AdventureWomen suggests you plan for $150-$200 (or more) worth of gratuities for this adventure. Specific tipping recommendations for your trip will be provided to you closer to your departure date and may fluctuate due to inflation, exchange rates, and the number of travelers on your trip. 

Passports and Visas

Citizens of the United States must have a passport valid for six months beyond your travel dates with at least two blank facing pages. If you do not have a passport, please apply now!

US Passport holders will need a visa to visit Vietnam. We will provide detailed information before your departure on how to obtain your visa.

Activity Level

We rate this trip as Active. Our Active adventures get you on your feet. You should be in good physical condition and be prepared to hike for up to five hours, multiple days in a row, on uneven surfaces with some steep ascents and descents. Please note that this is a general description of what you might encounter; for specific details about your trip, please consult the itinerary.

We recommend training before your trip (with your doctor’s permission) to make the most of your adventure. With this itinerary in mind, we have a partnership with Trailblazer Wellness, a woman-owned, women-run company that will design an individualized fitness plan just for you! Best of all, AdventureWomen guests get a 10% discount with the code AVW. Learn more on the Trailblazer Wellness website.

Health Considerations

Make an appointment with a travel clinic, as they may have recommendations for vaccines and medications based on the destination as well as your age, health, and past vaccination history.

For more health information, go to and navigate to the page about Vietnam.

How to Register

Call the AdventureWomen office at (800) 804-8686 to determine space availability and register for this trip. We can complete your registration, including taking your credit card deposit over the phone.

If you prefer, you can register online by clicking “Sign Up for this Trip” on the trip page.

Please be sure to read the AdventureWomen policies before registering!

Forms and Final Payment

The deposit for this trip is $800. You can transfer your deposit to another trip with no additional fee if you notify us within 120 days of the original trip departure date. We can hold your deposit for up to six months as a credit. Failure to book a new trip within this timeframe will result in the forfeiture of your deposit.

Once you book, you will need to fill out and return to AdventureWomen:

  • Information Form
  • Booking Conditions Form
  • Copy of Flight Information
  • Copy of Issuing Page of Passport (Photo Page)
  • Supplement Health and Safety Form

Final payment is due to AdventureWomen in a cash form (check, money order, or wire transfer). A maximum of $1,500 per person can be put on a credit card, which includes your deposit.

November 10, 2025 Departure Final Payment Due Date: August 12, 2025

If you're curious about this trip, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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What's Included


  • Accommodations as per itinerary based on double occupancy
  • All meals as listed in the itinerary
  • All ground transportation
  • Domestic airfare (priced separately from the main trip)
  • English-speaking guide throughout the trip
  • One group transfer on arrival and departure
  • Drinking water available in large jugs to refill personal bottles
  • Fee for visa in Cambodia
  • Entrance Fees
  • Gratuities for drivers, hotel staff, boat staff, and wait staff

Not Included

  • International airfare to and from Vietnam
  • Optional activities
  • Meals not specified in the itinerary
  • Alcoholic beverages (unless otherwise specified)
  • Fees for passport, visas for Vietnam, immunizations, or travel insurance
  • Cost of hospitalization or evacuation
  • Items of a personal nature
  • Gratuities for the main guide

If you're curious about this trip, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Call us ~ 1.800.804.8686


Hotel de L'Opera Hanoi

Located in the center of Hanoi, Hotel de L’Opera is near Hanoi’s Opera House and the Old Quarter. A balance of French and Vietnamese architecture and design, each of the 107 rooms is equipped with complimentary Wi-Fi, TV, air conditioning, and stylish furnishings.

Soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer; electricity; Wifi

Private Chartered Boat

The boat chartered exclusively for AdventureWomen features comfortable cabins and both indoor and outdoor dining areas. Each cabin is equipped with modern amenities to make your stay comfortable. Enjoy sunset with your group from the sun deck on the top of the boat.

Amenities: Soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer; electricity; limited Wi-Fi

Pilgrimage Hotel

Pilgrimage Village is ideally located in the quiet countryside in a rustic village setting. Surrounded by lush tranquil gardens, you will have the feeling of being out in the country while being close to the famous sites of Hue. Your room combines modern comfort with traditional architectural features with views over the garden or the lily lake.

Soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer; electricity; 

Allegro Hotel

Allegro is a boutique hotel conveniently located in the heart of Hoi An’s ancient town. Enjoy the pool, book a massage, or walk into town and explore.

Amenities: Soap, shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer; electricity; Wi-Fi

Shinta Mani Angkor

Shinta Mani Angkor is an upscale boutique hotel created by acclaimed architect Bill Bensley. This exceptional hotel enjoys a tranquil and leafy setting within the French Quarter of Siem Reap – just 15 minutes by tuk-tuk from the UNESCO World Heritage Temples of Angkor Wat. AW guests will enjoy the Bayon Room.

Amenities: soap, shampoo, conditioner, flat-screen cable TV, safety deposit box, tea/coffee, toiletries, bathrobes, and slippers.

Please note that all amenities were current when written and are subject to change at any time.

If you're curious about this trip, we would be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Call us ~ 1.800.804.8686