In 1982, when AdventureWomen was founded, the idea of women traveling to exotic destinations designed especially for women, by women, was not at all mainstream. Today thousands of women of all ages pack their bags and explore the world. Time and again, our guests tell us that they like to travel with us so they can meet new people and challenge themselves by being physically active. They want an extraordinary adventure.

  •  “…we can be ourselves, laugh, cry, hoot and holler, sing, relax and just be girls again. It just can’t get any better than that!”
  •  “I went on vacation by myself for the first time… know[ing] no one… and could be absolutely, unequivocally myself.”
  • “I met women of such diverse backgrounds, from across the globe, who have become forever friends.”

AdventureWomen are:

….solo travelers, first-time explorers, and lifelong adventurers.

Guests are often good-natured and have a sense of humor! Adventure vacations, by nature, require that travelers be self-sufficient, flexible, and able to accept situations as they exist, and open to cultures, traditions, and experiences.

A successful adventure and traveling with a group encourages understanding of and sensitivity to others, and being timely is key.


…sisters and friends.


…… mothers and daughters.


…seeking fun and opportunities to live to the fullest.

Death Valley National Park