Your safety has always been our number one priority, and that will never change. We recognize that the decision to travel is a personal one, and what matters most is that you feel comfortable doing so.  One of the advantages of traveling with us is our small group size. AdventureWomen trips make it easier to physically distance. In addition, we have taken the following precautions to help you feel safe while you are on a trip. We hope this will help you in deciding whether travel is right for you at this unusual time.

Our COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

If your trip starts before September 1, 2023, you must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

From September 1, 2023 onward, AdventureWomen will not require proof of vaccination against COVID-19. This policy excludes trips to Antarctica, Indonesia, and any country where vaccination remains a requirement. Some countries still require proof of a negative test prior to entry, and our team at AdventureWomen will notify you directly in the event this applies to your travels. We ask that you also check travel and entry requirements carefully.

Keeping You Informed

In addition, we are diligently monitoring what’s happening in the world and how it impacts your trip. We’ll communicate any pertinent information related to your departure as soon as we have it, so you’re always in the know.

Closer to departure (about three months prior to your trip), we will touch base with updates and outline the entry and testing requirements as we best know them at that time. Learn more by visiting the CDC, embassy, and airline websites for your specific destination.

24/7 Support

Our office is staffed for emergencies, and we’ll be here to provide assistance for you if needed.


What To Know Before You Go

Arriving Healthy

Some countries require a negative COVID test prior to entry. If you are experiencing COVID symptoms or obtain a positive COVID test result within 2 weeks prior to your trip, we ask that you contact us to discuss your options.

Travel Insurance

We highly recommend that you purchase travel insurance. AdventureWomen values you as a guest, and we want your trip to be enjoyable and stress-free. We encourage you to shop around to find the insurance company and policy that best suits your needs. In the age of COVID, we especially recommend looking into Cancel For Any Reason (CFAR) policies.

Face Coverings & Hand Sanitizer

We recommend that all guests bring their preferred face covering and suggest one for each day of your trip.

COVID-19 Tests

We ask that all guests bring at least two rapid tests.


On The Trip


We’ve carefully selected the accommodations on our trips because of their high standards of quality. All our ground operators abide by enhanced safety protocols for cleaning and physical distancing.


We strongly recommend – even when not required at the destination – that all guests wear masks while inside fully enclosed vehicles on the trip.

Daily Check-Ins

Your AdventureWomen Ambassador and expert guide will check in with you on a regular basis to ensure everyone is feeling safe and healthy.  If you are experiencing any COVID symptoms, we ask that you let your guide know immediately.

As you are aware, this is a very fluid situation, and global policies and requirements are changing all the time.  Please be assured that we will update you if any of our guidelines change.  Your health and safety are paramount to us here at AdventureWomen.


What to do if you experience symptoms during a trip

If you experience COVID-19 symptoms while traveling with AdventureWomen, please notify your guide immediately. For the safety of the rest of the group and our guides, any traveler experiencing COVID-19 symptoms may be required to isolate, where possible, until they are able to complete a COVID-19 test. We encourage customers who are not feeling well to wear a mask.

In countries where the local guidelines require people who test positive to isolate, the traveler must stay in their hotel room until they have fulfilled their isolation and are cleared to leave. If the local guidelines do not require self-isolation, a traveler who tests positive can join group activities if they are feeling well enough. These travelers must still wear a mask and keep distanced from the rest of the group. In some cases this might require additional transportation at the expense of the individual. These travelers should not eat meals with the group — meals can be served at a separate table or in the hotel room. Any additional costs will be at the expense of the traveler. Stricter rules may apply according to local guidelines.

Any traveler with a positive COVID-19 test result may be required to refrain from further group activities and follow local health protocols, based on conversations with your guides, your group and local partners and suppliers. Please know we will do everything we can to assist you in following local health advice and safety protocols.

Any costs associated with cancellations, delays or medical needs are your responsibility. We strongly recommend all travelers purchase COVID, cancellation and interruption travel insurance coverage, where possible.


Updated 6/1/2023