5 Hilarious Ways to Laugh Off Holiday Stress in 2017

Every year we have to face it. Holiday madness. From the traffic snarls to the stress of choosing the right gift for Aunt Ruth. From navigating the parking nightmares at the mall to the pressure of writing the perfect holiday letter (and mailing it on time). From grappling with the lines at the post office to creating a doable menu for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. What’s an Adventure Woman to do??

Here are AdventureWomen’s 5 tips for surviving the “holidaze” with laughter and good humor. After all, as Susan often pointed out, “if it’s not fun, why do it??”

#1: Make Up a Creative Countdown to New Year’s Eve

Make everyday leading up to New Year’s Day really special. Choose a funny theme and/or rename the 12 days leading up to Christmas something other than “a partridge and a pear tree”.

How about:

  • DAY 12: Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
  • DAY 11: Fruitcake for Breakfast Day
  • DAY 10: Worst Nightmare of Christmas Past Themed Dinner Night
  • DAY 9: Santa’s Elves Dress Up Day
  • DAY 8: Bad Christmas Movie Night (rent a really bad Christmas movie)
  • DAY 7: “Christmas Carols I Hate” party where everyone brings their own
  • DAY 6: Cookie Dough for Dessert Day
  • DAY 5: White Elephant Party Day (bad re-gifts only allowed)

You get the picture!

#2: Wrap Your Holiday Gifts in Cartoons

Despite the rumors that the print version of the Sunday paper is dead, in fact, the cartoon section is still available for your wrapping pleasure. Have fun choosing the right cartoon that fits with each personality and you can inject some “found humor” into each gift’s special wrap. Then instead of choosing traditional holiday gift cards, find a funny New Yorker or other cartoon, and make your own.

#3: Wear Your Santa Hat, Everywhere

Why limit this to the office Christmas party when you can wear it to your 5K run, your morning coffee dash, into the grocery store, and of course when shopping for gifts for others? Wearing your unconventional garb will bring a smile to the face of everyone you meet.

#4: Decorate Your Whole World

Instead of just sticking to decorating the traditional tree, decorate your desk or bike! Be creative!

#5: Write Your Own Holiday Jingle and Record It for Your Voicemail Message

You can really have fun with this one! Just choose another traditional holiday jingle and substitute some of your own alternative lyrics. Just make sure you stick to the rhythm and rhyme. Your friends and family will love it and you’ll be able to use this trick, year after year!

Happy Holidays to all Adventure Women!