What AdventureWomen Dream About: Adventure Travel Journeys That Inspire

“A dream is a succession of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occurs involuntarily.  Dreams can, at times, make a creative thought occur to the person or give a sense of inspiration” – Wikipedia

At AdventureWomen, we know that just dreaming about exciting journeys abroad can be inspiring and uplifting. So we wanted to know what AdventureWomen dream of. What are their dream trips? Where do they want to travel to next? What new activities do they want to try out?

Recently, we asked thousands of them to tell us about their aspirations and dreams, both those who have been with us as well as those who haven’t. Hundreds of them responded and we were fascinated by what they told us. Their dreams became our inspiration as we crafted our next set of trips for AdventureWomen.

Here’s what AdventureWomen told us they dream of in an adventure travel trip:

#1: Exotic and authentic destinations. 

Going to interesting places “before the crowds discover them”. Places “I wouldn’t go to on my own or where my spouse, partner or family doesn’t want to go”.  AdventureWomen, wait until you see where we’re going in 2018! 

Check out what fun you can have in South Africa in August 2017


#2: Companionship and camaraderie. 

Women like being with each otherThey say they like meeting new friends, of all different ages and also reconnecting with old ones. They feel safer traveling with a group versus on their own and they LOVE not having to plan everything themselves. “A chance to meet new & interesting people while doing new and interesting things.” 

Baja Mexico – February 2017 (with thanks to Photographer Vera Yaneze)


#3: Surrounded by nature and wildlife. 

Their number one favorite activity on adventure travel trips? Wildlife viewing!  Women dream of lying in a tent, listening to animal calls in Africa. Photographing wildlife at home in their jungle habitats. Learning about how mountains and glaciers were formed millions of years ago. “I like being in the middle of nowhere, kayaking & hiking, learning about the land and taking photos”.

Photograph Exotic Wildlife And Enjoy Winetasting in South Africa in August 2017 

#4: The challenge of a real adventure. 

Women say they like being challenged, not just physically, but mentally. Doing not just seeing. Experiencing new things and a variety of things but with a trusted guide to show you the ropes. ”The activities really get you into the destination. You feel like you’ve experienced the country.” 

Mexican Surfing Lessons. You CAN Do It! (with thanks to Photographer Vera Yaneze) 


#5: Being active.

Hiking, kayaking, swimming, horseback riding, snorkeling, camping and cooking. Ninety percent of AdventureWomen love being out and about. Doing something they love with other women they can laugh along with while doing it. “I prefer activities such as hiking, biking, kayaking, rafting, canoeing. Basically being active and challenged physically while site seeing.”


Iceland Horse Riding 2016 – Join Us in July for our Iceland Discovery Tour: Land of Fire & Ice


#6: Immersed in a culture.

Itineraries offering insiders access to meet the locals, better understanding about cultural traditions and getting to experience the music, cuisine and lifestyles of a country. Visiting schools and helping a community with a project. “Attending cultural events specific to that country, interacting with locals, riding bikes, learning a language.”


Dreaming About Machu Picchu and Peru in 2017?


#7: All things culinary. 

Aren’t we all foodies? Women want to know what unique local ingredients women who live in our destinations find in their local markets. What recipes are the local specialties? They love “chef for a day” cooking classes and tasting events – from wines to tequilas. Yum!

Cooking Up Fun with Other AdventureWomen – What Could Be Better?? (thanks again to Vera Yaneze) 


#8: Women-to-women meetings and encounters. 

Over and over again, women say that traveling with other women is just different from traveling alone, with their families and with mixed groups of friends. And meeting local women while traveling leaves them feeling more connected to a destination. “Women only groups empower me in ways not in mixed groups.” 

Get Outdoors on a Multisport Adventure to the Canadian Rockies in August 2017. You Deserve It! 

Thank you AdventureWomen for sharing your dreams with us. Get ready to Invest in YourselfForge New Friendships, and Feel Triumphant!