AdventureWomen’s New Definition of Romance

Reflections of Romantic Candles and Hearts (P)As we approach Valentine’s Day, it seems appropriate to take stock of how women’s ideas about romance have changed with the times versus when AdventureWomen launched in 1982. In the three decades since the eighties, women have continued to come into their own.  More women now attend college than men. They are the breadwinners in 40% of families with children under age 18. They run businesses (29% of all businesses, actually) and sit on (a few) Fortune 500 boards. In the 80’s we were watching Dallas, Happy Days and the Love Boat. Today we might tune into The Good Wife, Rizzoli & Isles or Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. We still have many mountains to climb as the Miss Representation Project points out, but we are no longer living our lives the same way we did in 1982.

So how do women today find romance with their partners and spouses while juggling their jobs, managing their children’s over-scheduled lives and staying up to speed with the latest smartphone apps? It seems we need a new definition of “romance” and one that embraces today’s realities in our lifestyles.


Here are  AdventureWomen’s top five ideas about how women today can find more romance on Valentine’s Day:

  1. It’s about TIME. Increasingly, time is the new “must have” luxury. Romantic moments cannot be crushed in between daily priorities or they will lose all value. Take the TIME to make romance stand alone as the one and only priority of whatever you and yours decide is your time together.
  2. Make some mystery. In a world where the internet has made everything accessible to everyone, it is harder and harder to create a mystery, but romance thrives on just that. Give your partner a challenge, some tantalizing clues, some provocative hints and you’re off to the races!
  3. Unexpected surprises. Nothing is more satisfying than when something good happens, unexpectedly. Where and how you deliver your romantic “newsflash” will make all the difference. The more unique and unexpected, the better! Plan your timing, then surprise them.
  4. It’s a two way street. Whatever romantic plot you hatch, make sure it is for the two of you, not just for your other half. Nothing increases your romantic capital more than being your happy, confident and most adventurous self!
  5. Experiences – not things. Romance is all about the experience. It is much harder to make a “thing you buy” – romantic. Emotions rule the day. Treat that special person in your life to a new experience neither one of you has had, then share it with them. What could be better?

How do YOU define romance and how do you create it? We’d love to know so tell us on Facebook!

By Annie Ellicott