Alaska Bear Viewing: Guest Reviews

On our Alaska trips in 2017, we asked our guests what they thought of their Alaska bear viewing trip to Great Alaska Adventure Lodge. Here’s what they had to say…

What were your favorite activities?

“Bear Camp and then the Glacier” -Renae C.

“Bear viewing, hikes…everything was fabulous” -Jeanne D.

“The variety!” -Lynne S.

“Bear camp!” -Jane D.

“All activities were great.  I really enjoyed the National Park Ranger, Lynn, on the boat trip.” -Mary K.

 Did any experience leave you feeling triumphant? Empowered? Challenged?

“The biggest challenge was sharing a room- but it worked out just great!” -Jane D

“Everything made me feel triumphant and great!  I saw a sign:  Life Begins After Your Comfort Zone” -Jeanne D.

“For my age (almost 77) it felt good that I kept up.” -Mary K.

What will you remember the most from this trip?

“How wonderful it is traveling with only women with similar outdoor love.” -Jill M.

“We flew over the meadow headed into bar camp.  There were bears everywhere.  Mothers with cubs, weaned siblings tumbling around…and the pilot turned off the engine and we drifted down to the beach.  That was the moment I unplugged.” -Renae C.

“The women on this trip! -Jeanne D.

“My second trip to Alaska with AdventureWomen, the first in 2003.  Both have been terrific.  Love my two different experiences.  Thank you for an amazing trip. This was my 54th US National Park…out of the 59 Major National Parks.” -Mary K