Free to Adventure Again

Dear AdventureWomen,

This has been quite the year. We had expected 2020 to be a banner year for travel, with exciting new destinations, new itineraries, and new AdventureWomen friends. Instead, the coronavirus pandemic has changed all of our lives and the way we interact with others and the world around us. We all stayed home to help flatten the curve, and like you, we have postponed vacations, work travel, graduation parties, and weddings, but we have kept dreaming of what might come next.

As places start to open up, the decision of when to travel next is a personal one; only you can decide when you will feel safe. Given the uncertainty of today’s world, we want you to feel as comfortable as you possibly can when planning your next trip. In light of the pandemic, for all new registrations starting today, if AdventureWomen has to cancel your trip due to COVID-19 we will transfer 100% of your payment as well as an additional $100 credit to a future trip of your choice.

We are making decisions about whether we can run each of our upcoming trips on a case-by-case basis between one and two months prior to departure. In doing so, we are looking at multiple factors. First and foremost, we need to know that there are flights to get you there. Second, we need to make sure that you won’t be required to quarantine upon your arrival. Third, we are asking each of our ground operators to provide us with their Standard Operating Procedures to address any changes they are making regarding COVID (for an example, see our recent blog for changes on the Salmon River). Lastly, we are ensuring that you’ll be able to follow your itinerary as much as possible – we wouldn’t send you to Egypt knowing that the pyramids are closed!

We know some of you might be stir crazy and ready to travel soon – for that, we have some great domestic options coming up in the late summer and early fall, including whitewater rafting in Idaho; hiking, fly fishing, and horseback riding in Yellowstone; and hiking, horseback riding, and canyoneering in Utah. For those of you who aren’t quite ready to hop on a plane but want to plan ahead, there are plenty of adventures available in 2021, including South Africa, Uzbekistan & Kyrgyzstan, and Cuba. We look forward to helping you pick the perfect trip whenever you are ready.

AdventureWomen has been around for nearly 40 years. We will weather this storm. We can’t wait to get you out on a new adventure soon.

Be well,

Erica Landerson, General Manager