Our Favorite Travel Apps for Women Travelers

Our team at AdventureWomen did some research and asked women travel experts about their favorite travel apps for when they are “on the road” traveling.

Here are our top 10 travel apps for women travelers for 2017 (All are available on iTunes and Google Play):

Hopper is an app that helps watch flight prices.  You can select certain flights to watch and it will tell you when is the best time to buy. For flexible travel in advance, it’s great for saving money.

Momondo and SkyScanner
These two are popular for booking flights.

TripIt and Trip Case 

These two apps take all your emails with travel info (planes, hotels, cars – the works) and creates a master itinerary for you synthesizing all your “need to know” information.

This app offers tours and activities. You can skip long lines or find fun bike tours of the city you are visiting! It is really easy to use and you pay directly on the app.

This one is great for hotel deals and stays. You have to book it at the last minute, but it helps you pinpoint a neighborhood and style of hotel (basic, trendy, classic, up scale.) One fan said: “Every time we’ve used it, we’ve been really happy with both the hotel and the deal!”

This app is a sound machine with all kinds of “white” noise, from fans to rain. We love it for hotel rooms and to help with jet lag (it evens out those busy brain waves that are determined to keep you from sleeping!).

This is a language learning app, which is helpful when you have an international trip planned and want to learn some vocabulary and phrases.

OANDA Currency
This currency converter app is very user friendly and essential when traveling.

Vert and Convert Any Unit
These apps do all sorts of conversions for you, one user particularly likes it for conversions from celsius to farenheit.

Download maps to your phone in case your internet connection dies or you need to go offline.

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