Photo Gallery: “Best of Chile – Easter Island” Adventure Vacation

AdventureWomen’s “BEST of Chile” adventure vacation in April 2014 was just fantastic! Our journey began just outside Santiago in Chile’s outstanding wine region, the Colchagua Valley. We hiked through vineyards, experienced wine-tastings at top Chilean wineries, and ate outstanding Chilean cuisine. Next stop Chile’s Atacama Desert, an other-worldly moonscape with strange and surreal landscapes, flamingos at a salt lake, ruins from past Indian cultures, and vast open spaces that all turned beautiful shades of pink and purple at sunset! To add to the excitement, we even experienced an 8.6 earthquake while in the desert, and were rockin’ and rollin’ with its movement for longer than expected!

But for everyone, the highlight of the trip was our 4.5 hour flight over the Pacific Ocean to the most remote inhabited island on Earth, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Easter Island (Rapa Nui). Home to over 600 Moai, the most famous residents of this island, these monolithic, colossal stone sculptures stand as silent bystanders of the past. What a mesmerizing place this is! Our hikes, walks, and explorations of the island’s history were nothing less than fascinating and spectacular, as were our accommodations, food, and camaraderie that we shared. In 33 years, I’ve been to a LOT of places, but this is one of the TOP 10!

I hope you experience how breathtaking a trip this was by enjoying these photos!

Susan L. Eckert