Safety First: What All Solo Women Travelers Should Know

At AdventureWomen, we take the safety of our guests very seriously. In fact, our own Judi Wineland is about to be interviewed by Expedia for an upcoming podcast detailing her thoughts about how women can best ensure that they travel safely.

According to MMGY Global’s Portrait of American Travelers, 64% of women in 2019 said safety was extremely desirable when taking a vacation, up from 51% in 2014. Safety concerns are second only to cost when it comes to obstacles to taking a vacation, according to the travel marketing agency.

Judi notes “The most essential and important thing you as a woman can do to stay safe is remaining observant and vigilant to your surroundings and what is happening around you. Group travel of course reduces the risk solo travelers can face in these situations.”

Here are AdventureWomen’s top 3 safety tips for women travelers (especially for solo women travelers):

  1. Make a copy of your ID and passport and pack these separately from your originals. Scan these and email yourself (and someone at home) a copy of these documents.
  2. Blend in. Research your destination, and adhere to your destination’s cultural norms for women.
  3. Don’t bring valuables or other treasures you can’t live without on a trip. Use a money belt, which can sit underneath your clothes.

We take safety very seriously at AdventureWomen. We encourage all women to do the same especially when traveling solo in foreign (and even domestic) destinations.