Heading For The Hills | AdventureWomen Guest Reviews

Sometimes a woman has to go pretty far to find peace, pastoral beauty, and some great new friends! Still, waking your wanderlust to go explore both near and far can turn your dreams about rambling into real and amazing experiences that reverberate for years to come.

Since it’s the season for a good mountain hike, forest stroll, or remote lakeside walkabout, find your inspiration to get up and go explore by reading these guest reviews from Adventure Women living in the moment, walking and hiking among some spectacular terrain in Utah’s National Parks, Japan, Bhutan and Switzerland.

Exploring in America’s Playground: Zion National Park and Bryce Canyon in Utah

Oh, did our ladies have a blast in canyon country! It was an all-ages, all-abilities extravaganza. What were their most memorable moments? Canyoneering made a deep impression. So did guests challenging themselves with Angels Landing and pulling it off!

“Canyoneering was fun! This was the highlight of my trip. I challenged myself and did it!”

“Rappelling is by far my most favorite activity. Trekking through the slot canyons, problem-solving routes to the exit, and zipping down the last rappel was the cherry on the top.”

“Summiting Angels Landing – at 69, I made it!! Then the narrows afterward.”

“Hiking to the top of Angels Landing on the one-year anniversary of my last chemo treatment.” – Kristin C.

(Thank you for allowing us to be part of your celebration, Kristin. We’re truly honored.)

Hiking in the Mountain Beauty of Japan’s Kumano Kodo

Our guests discovered they had the chops for the challenge. And, so many great memories were made in the mountains, guest houses, and villages of Japan!

“The five-hour hike was a great start for me on the road to recovery after my kneecap fracture, it was great to get my heart pounding again.”

“I hiked a distance and incline I thought I could never do”

“Meeting the apprentice Geisha and Ama divers was really special.”

“Hiking with the mountain priestess.”

“Fun women to travel with, great conversations, lots of laughing!”

Exploring Bhutan’s Heavenly Heights

Unforgettable moments were everywhere!

“Hiking to Tiger’s Nest was a very memorable experience. However, the entire trip was full of amazing experiences, from the mountain passes to the roads, to the beautiful views. What they did for the camping night was phenomenal.”

“Conquering the fear of altitude sickness and actually hiking to the monastery, which I would not have gone all the way if it were not for two AW hiking companions encouraging me to do it.”

“Campfire with local Bhutanese women dancing (and us joining in). Dress-up and dinner with local Bhutanese women was my favorite – amazing!”

“I had never traveled with a group, but I loved the experience! What a great group of women.”

Hiking Switzerland: Breathtaking Mountains and Flowering Fields in the Swiss Alps

Switzerland was the stunning outdoor adventure and cultural experience our guests dreamed about!

Each guest recalled a singular memory – from taking “the Kneipp cure” and “yodeling lessons with Walther” to “the first walking day through meadows with gorgeous flowers, streams, mountains, cows, piggies, and newborn kittens!”

“This surpassed all my expectations. I was a bit nervous about my abilities to keep up, but I did! I end this trip with wonderful memories, wonderful new friends I will really miss, and new muscles and stamina! Thank you for a truly wonderful experience.”


What other cherished memories came to mind from this one-of-a-kind alpine hiking adventure?

“Standing atop the Titlis Glacier with the surrounding views of the Alps.”

“The lifts, which used to frighten me, ended up being utterly fun and thrilling!” Switzerland’s ingenious cable cars access virtually all of the Alps, from valleys to peaks.

One guest refused to be thwarted by the steep Alps. She wrote, “I had one hike that I almost turned around and bailed out on (the hike up Brunni)…But Daniella and Annie graciously walked slowly behind me and before I knew it I made it to the Kneipp Pool. I felt great about achieving that goal, and the reward was fabulous.”

Getting active out in nature is a gift you give yourself. Whether you’re 35 or 75, you can do it. Grab some hiking poles for stability and take a drop of inspiration from these amazing and active women!

“I felt empowered to make the hikes each day without any physical issues. We hiked through meadows, on hills, on mountains, and on glaciers for several miles each day and I enjoyed every minute of it. I wasn’t sure if I could handle the physical activity, but I did it!”

Where will your summer take you? Will you head to the hills? Dabble your toes in a stream? Stop to watch cows ramble? Let us know where you strolled, hiked, trekked, camped, and explored this summer on Facebook or just email us! AdventureWomen always LOVES a great story and a happy journey!