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April 2020  

Staying Connected, Staying Positive

Dear Adventure Women:

We’re on a restricted path right now. We can’t travel to places we have been dreaming about or go on long-planned adventures. We are now forced to spend more time at home, and to keep at a distance of six feet when we’re out and about.  Doing errands has taken on a whole new meaning—one with added stress and restrictions of when and where we can shop, and how much we can take home.  Let’s not even mention toilet paper. Any way you slice it, forced social isolation isn’t any fun.

Needless to say, life has taken quite the turn for all of us. At AdventureWomen, we are all learning how to deal with a new normal:  phones that aren’t ringing as much, and many folks looking to book trips a little farther into the future. We miss hearing about your travels and welcoming you home from your trips, but we are working hard to perfect the rest of our 2020 trips and make 2021 the best year ever.

After sending our last newsletter, we heard from so many of you who wanted to know how we were doing, and to thank us for what we do. Some of you shared your disappointment for having to pause your travels. Others wrote about their excitement to be traveling with us in 2021. Almost everyone included a photo of how they were surviving “lock down.” These stories and photos were like a tonic for us. They made us smile and laugh—so thank you for staying in touch!

This made us realize how much we miss connecting with you on a regular basis, and it spawned an idea.  We can all use a happy distraction these days. To daydream about past travel, future adventures, and ways to stay positive. To take a little breather each day and think of your AdventureWomen “place”—your happy place in the midst of uncertainty.

Last week, we started sharing the ways we are practicing this on Instagram and Facebook. Join us and do the same!  It could be sharing a photo from one of your favorite trips with us, the friends you made along the way, or simply your positive distraction of the day. We are strong, creative, funny, mindful, generous, and loving adventurers. Whether its gardening, baking, reading, meditating, journaling, playing with your kids and/or pets, running, hiking, walking, biking, kayaking (you get the gist) -- we want to see it! We put together this quick clip to illustrate what #MyAdventureWomenPlace means to us.

Tag us in a post using: #MyAdventureWomenPlace. We’re doing the same on Instagram and Facebook. If you aren’t already following us, you can find us on Instagram (@AdvWomen) and on Facebook (@AdventureWomen).  Not a fan of social media? Send us your stories/photos to: [email protected].

We look forward to reconnecting!

"This has been one of the best experiences of my life. There was compatibility between the women and loved the humor. Our guide was a treasure."
Martha K.

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