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AdventureWomen trips range from moderate to highly-challenging in activity level.

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Watertown, MA–February 13, 2024

Introducing all new adventures in 2025 including Greece, Patagonia, New Zealand, and more!

Over 600 women travel each year with AdventureWomen. Unlike many large tour companies that simply rebrand their standard itineraries as “women-only,” AdventureWomen has been women-led and women-focused since it was founded in1982. On each of AdventureWomen’s seventy trips per year, women are encouraged to build new connections with the world, themselves, and other like-minded people through travel. The carefully crafted journeys aren’t just trips to destinations, they are active explorations full of empowering discoveries. 

AdventureWomen’s 2025 trip calendar has just been announced including a horse-supported trek in Patagonia; a multi-sport exploration of New Zealand’s SouthIsland; a captivating hike in France’s Mont Blanc; and a three-country cultural tour of the Baltic region. 

Why do women choose a company that specializes in travel for women? 

“I keep coming back to AdventureWomen because the organization itself is women, the trips and itineraries are organized well, and I’ve forged friendships that have lasted for years.” 

– Ronna W., Henderson, NV 

“The experience is enhanced when I travel with a group of women. They have different backgrounds and individual stories, and women just tend to be more supportive of each other.” – Jane L., Redondo Beach, CA 

For 88-year-old Marian who traveled with AdventureWomen when she was in her sixties, she credits the company with helping her to learn a lot about herself: 

“I loved expanding my life experience to include new places and new cultures. I identified a need for myself to have deep and meaningful experiences. My advice for younger women today is to find ways to understand yourself, know your inner spirit, and whatever it tells you to do. Do it while you can! Travel will develop memories for you that will enhance your life for years to come.” 

– Marian H., State College, PA 

Many people who travel with AdventureWomen leave a spouse or partner at home while they travel. Marian’s husband was always supportive of her travel and wanted to hear about her trips. “As I left he would ask me ‘What would you like for dinner when you get home?’” 



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AdventureWomen is proudly women-owned and operated since 1982. We offer dynamic explorations brimming with empowerment and discovery. Each adventure includes meaningful encounters with local women driven by our unwavering belief in the value of women-to-women cultural experiences. Our trips all over the world transform strangers into a family of friends transcending boundaries.