A 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Women Travelers

It’s the holidays AGAIN. Gift-giving stress is upon us! What do you get for that woman in your life with an adventurous spirit, a passion for the outdoors and who doesn’t need any more “stuff”? After 35 years of experience hosting women all over the world, our team at AdventureWomen has come up with our favorite gifts for women who love to travel (and of course some we would like to get ourselves)!

Here is our 2016 Holiday Gift Guide for Women Travelers:

1. Maps to her favorite destinationsGifts for Travelers

We love getting maps of countries in which we have trips planned. It’s a wonderful way to get acquainted with a country’s geography before departure. It’s even fun to get maps of places you haven’t gone yet – it always gets us dreaming of ideas on where we can go next!

2. A small, soft-sided duffel bag for your most important “must have’s”

Let’s be honest: most of us love to shop when we travel. Some of us love to buy art, some jewelry, and some gifts for our loved ones, but we also love to travel light. A small, totally collapsible duffel bag is something we always stuff in the bottom of our main bag, just in case we need additional luggage capacity on the way home.

3. Books about all the places on your bucket list

We all get excited and buy guidebooks about the places we are going, but for the avid traveler in your life, how about a book on the history or wildlife in an area? (Pro tip: find out if she has a kindle you can send the e-book to so she can take it with her on the trip!)

4. A traveling clothesline – no clothespins required!

We all strive to travel light. Our best intentions of washing clothes in the sink are more likely to happen if we know we will have somewhere to hang the clothes to dry. Enter the clothespin-less clothesline – a must for any long trip!


5. Packing cubes to make packing faster and easier

Have you tried living out of a suitcase? It’s an endless battle to find that one pair of socks you are looking for. They are always the last thing you pull out of the bag, and then all of your belongings are disorganized. Packing cubes are a wonderful way to organize a suitcase or duffel bag. Get her a few different sizes and colors – maybe one for socks and underwear, one for tops, and one for pants. Not only does it help her stay organized, it helps to reduce the space taken up in a suitcase.

6. Buffs : have you tried them?

We love these multi-functional pieces! From a hat, to a scarf, to a headband, to a neck gaiter, a Buff is an essential in active, outdoor travel. Check out the UV Buff that blocks 95% of harmful UV rays.


7. A merino t-shirt: easy peasy!

A merino t-shirt is the piece of clothing she will pack for every trip and wear as many times as she can. Merino is fast-drying, temperature regulating and odor-resisting. What’s not to love?

8. A portable USB Charger

Despite our best intentions to disconnect, we will all need to charge our phone/tablet/e-reader at some point during a trip. A portable USB charger is a great way to make sure she is never without a book or music on those long flights and drives. Bring your adapters if you’re traveling overseas!

kleen-kanteen-water-bottle9. An insulated water bottle

We all have water bottles, but what about an insulated water bottle? These handy containers do double-duty: they keep cold drinks cold, but they also keep your coffee or tea hot as you start your day. This is a wonderful gift for women travelers who like to be up and active early – we love to take them on the trail when we go hiking and also out on an early-morning safari.

10. An AdventureWomen vacation!

Why not give your partner the idea and cross your fingers? Or give YOURSELF a once-in-a-lifetime gift of an AdventureWomen 2017 trip?

Whatever you decide to give your special friends and family, we hope you enjoy the holidays in 2016 and we’re wishing YOU a fabulous 2017!