2017 Adventure Travel Tips For Women

At AdventureWomen, we’ve issued our “top tips for women travelers” before, but as the decades march on, so does technology and so do our lifestyles.

Here are our top 10 travel tips for women adventurers on the go in 2017: 

#1: Download travel apps to your phone to make things easier wherever you are.

Why stress about things? You can download apps from airport maps to currency converters to language translation to ease your route to and from anywhere these days. Downloading these in advance and running a test search will make life on the road painless and more pleasurable.


#2: Get a mobile charger for your cell phone.

Ditto for knowing you’ll always be able to capture that amazing shot on your camera phone because your phone battery isn’t dead. And a video will remind you of your trip so much more than even a photograph…but they are battery hogs so bring that charger!

#3: Pack lightly

On adventure travel trips, there is often limited storage space on the sailboat, camel, raft, llama, helicopter, etc! Try to limit your luggage to one manageable suitcase and a small carry-on bag. The test: Can you run up the stairs with your bag?

#4: Bring an empty bag

Wherever we travel, we find amazing keepsakes and souvenirs that help us remember our AdventureWomen vacation for years to come. Bring an empty, lightweight nylon or canvas bag so you can carry home a beautiful Turkish rug, an African carving, an Icelandic sweater, or an Australian boomerang.

#5: Take no more than 3 pairs of shoes if possible.

With walking/hiking shoes, a pair of dress flats and maybe a pair of sandals, well you can do and go just about everywhere. Why over pack when you can use that extra room in your luggage to bring something authentic back on your trip?

#6: Bring 2 cameras.

Even if the second one is your cell phone, don’t get caught missing out on capturing photos and video while on your trip. Those funny moments at your cooking class, the sunrise at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro, a grizzly bear in Alaska or the moment you see your first African lion, don’t miss these once-in-a-lifetime opportunities!

We bet you wouldn’t want to miss this shot of a rare shoebill stork.

#7: Read up before you go.

Immersing yourself in the history, culture and stories of your destination in advance of your trip provides important context around what you’ll see and experience on your AdventureWomen vacation. Women love learning about the unique aspects of the lifestyles and cultures of the destinations we visit and there’s nothing better than a great read to get you started down that path.

#8: Bring an inflatable travel pillow, eye mask and ear plugs.

Whether you’re on an overnight flight or just a light sleeper, it’s easy to bring along some sleep aids to help you get a better nights rest before your exciting itineraries each day on one of our trips. And if you’re in Alaska trying to fend off the midnight sun, you’ll be grateful for an eye mask!

#9: Put your credit cards and passport in an RFID blocking wallet.

Ensuring security for your valuables includes an RFID wallet, which wards off chip skimmers in airports and public spaces while on your trip. RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, and it’s a technology that makes your card capable of contactless payment while adding an extra layer of security. The chip stores information about the card that’s needed for a transaction, and can have everything from the card number, expiration date, and even your name attached to it. RFID-enabled cards have a symbol on them that looks like the wifi symbol, but sideways. If your credit cards are RFID-enabled, you can just buy a wallet that blocks skimmers. These are inexpensive and you’ll find a wide assortment of colors and styles to fit your budget and style.

#10: Bring an extra copy of credit cards and passport in case yours are lost or stolen.

But you already do this right? It just speeds up identification and credit card deactivation in the event yours are lost or stolen.

Are you traveling with us in 2017 or 2018? We would love to hear what travel tips you would like to share with other AdventureWomen. Email us and we’ll add them to this post!