Adventures in Paradise: What Adventure Women Are Saying

For 33 years, AdventureWomen has “migrated” to the Caribbean each winter. The British Virgin Islands (BVI’s) offer one of the finest sailing, snorkeling and scuba diving destinations in the world. Our “Adventures in Paradise” BVI trip is an all-inclusive private “cruise” on a luxury sailing yacht, the Cuan Law – the world’s largest trimaran sailboat equipped with every amenity!

Here are some rave reviews of our February 2015 winter getaway to the BVI’s in the Caribbean:

I would do this trip again because…

“I loved everything about it – the boat, the crew, the food, the water and the company.”

“I felt like Royalty. The crew, fellow travelers and Susan were wonderful beyond my wildest expectations. The food was beautiful, healthful and delicious.”

“It was relaxing, beautiful and an adventure-filled fantasy. It was ALL that I had hoped for and more…”

“I was the most waited on and pampered that I have ever been in my life…”



“The Virgin Islands are beautiful!”

“I love sailing, snorkeling and swimming!”

“It challenged some of my fears and turned out better than I had hoped.”

I found out something about myself on this trip. It was…

“It was very freeing to be away from all my responsibilities. I didn’t realize the weight I was carrying until I left it at the dock.”

“It is important to step out of one’s comfort zone and challenge that zone.”

“…there is nothing better than the company of other like-minded women. I don’t mean we were not diverse, we certainly were. But we were without stupid defenses and shared our life experiences freely. I loved this aspect of the trip.”

The one thing I am dying to tell my family and/or friends about this trip is…

“How beautiful the Islands are when seen from the deck of a sailing yacht…and how much fun it is to share the experience with other women that love to travel and be part of new adventures.”

“That I was in a physical paradise but my company enriched my soul.”

“There is so much to tell them, not sure where to start!”