AdventureWomen Catapults Women’s Travel to New Places in 2017 and Launches a New Brand Look

Happy New Year AdventureWomen! 2017 is going to be so exciting and the excitement starts NOW.

Recently, we’ve been doing some fun research with our past guests about what they most value and why they choose to travel with AdventureWomen. We thought you might enjoy learning what we’ve been hearing…

We couldn’t agree more! Over the past 35 years, AdventureWomen has changed the outlook, confidence, spirit, and in some cases even the lives of the thousands of women who have traveled with the company. In 2017, we want to build on this tremendous heritage, continuing our tradition of “the first and still the best” and take AdventureWomen to an even deeper level of impact for the women who travel with us.

We believe that at its heart, AdventureWomen is more than a travel company. AdventureWomen is really a relationship company which facilitates women building new connections with the world, with themselves, and with other like-minded women. Our journeys are active explorations, full of learning, fun and empowering discoveries which connect women with new groups of women friends who – laughing together and supporting each other – transcend personal, geographic, and cultural boundaries.

So in 2017, we’re adding even more spice into the AdventureWomen recipe…

  • We’ve started seeking input from women to hear directly about what they look for in an adventure travel experience.
  • We’ve increased the range and diversity of our destinations for 2017 (and wait until you see 2018)!
  • We’re adding “women-to-women” experiences into all our 2017 itineraries so our AdventureWomen guests can meet and learn from local women leading change in their communities.
  • We’re including more opportunities for our guests to have “insider access” to places, people and experiences seldom available to travelers in our destinations.
  • We’ve formed a guest Advisory Board of 19 women who have traveled with us over the years who we’ll be collaborating with about new ideas for AdventureWomen
  • We’re excited to share with you our new look (a bit more modern but still the same wonderful AdventureWomen) centered around our historic anchor in relationships and “people to people” connections, with positive and upbeat colors and a new tagline emphasizing the tremendous potential in all of us as women.

We hope you will join us as we begin the next chapter at AdventureWomen in 2017!