Baja Where Desert Meets The Sea: What Adventure Women are Saying

This past February, sixteen AdventureWomen blew away their winter worries and headed south to the warmth of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula for an active adventure vacation in Baja combining whale watching, swimming, snorkeling, sea kayaking, and more!

Joining them was Barbara Batey, their AdventureWomen Associate. Here are some fun photos and guest memories.

AdventureWomen group in Baja (Photo Credit: Vera Yanez)

What were your favorite activities on your Baja trip?

Glamping was the hands down highlight of the trip. -Kathleen W. 

I loved the glamping! -Karen M.

1. Sea lions. 2. Glamping. 3. Whale watching. 4. Food, food food! YUM. -Linda G.

Cooking Class (Photo Credit: Vera Yanez)

Glamping, snorkeling with the sea lions, surfing lessons, paddle boarding, loved seeing the whales so close! -Carolyn G.

Glamping on the beach (Photo Credit: Vera Yanez)

All of it! -Holly B.

Glamping and snorkeling with the sea lions. -Vera Y.

Swimming with Sea Lions (Photo Credit: Vera Yanez)

Best experience, exceeded my expectations. -Carol J.

Do you feel that you conquered any challenges on this trip?

Adventure travel always gets you out of your comfort zone, which is a good place to be. This is my first trip to Mexico, learned a lot and have a much different impression. The people are lovely and kind. The landscape so diverse – desert, sand, oceans, mountains, just beautiful.  -Carolyn G.

Did any part of this trip make you feel triumphant or empowered?

I’d always wanted to try surfing, but was too chicken to do it alone. This awesome group of women supported and encouraged me and gave me the confidence to try it AND do it! -Kathleen W.

Surfing Enthusiasm! (Photo Credit: Vera Yanez)

I stood up twice on the surf board, not bad for being almost 73. -Sharon S. 

Surfing! First time up. Loved it!! -Susan J.

Surfing success! (Photo Credit: Vera Yanez)

What is your single lasting impression of this adventure?

Being able to see whales in the wild was amazing. Loved it. -Karen M.

For many of us, travel is so compelling and rewarding. Enjoyed hearing about past experiences and future trips in the works. Happy to be around others with the same desire to see the world actively. -Carolyn G.

Too many to list-but #1-how well everything was timed and organized. -Linda G.

The world is such a fascinating place. -Nancy S.

Being introduced to women from all over and different walks of life, the terrain and the people of Baja and of course, nature. -Sharon, S. 

Beach Fun (Photo Credit: Vera Yanez)

I had no idea how beautiful Baja, Mexico was! -Vera Y.

The opportunity to do things I haven’t done in a long time-snorkeling and sea kayaking. Glamping was an unforgettable experience. -Jamie S.

My first experience with AdventureWomen was last year, Alaska. I enjoyed it so much that I booked this trip when I got back. The trips are active, solo travelers-I don’t feel alone.  -Carol J.

Sunset on the Beach (Photo Credit: Vera Yanez)

The guides were wonderful, patient, incredible, and great! -Nancy J.

Both guides were a pleasure. They were pleasant, patient, knowledgeable, and fun to be with. -Vera Y. 

Did you miss out on this trip? Not to worry! We’re offering our Baja Surfing and Sea Lions trip again in 2018!