Canoeing Montana’s Missouri River: What Adventure Women Are Saying

Here are some traveler reviews of our September 2015 Lewis & Clark Canoeing and Glamping adventure vacation on Montana’s Missouri River! AdventureWomen participants spent five days/four nights on this iconic river in Montana and traveled the route of the historic Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Paddling in 34-foot canoes that replicate those of the early voyageurs, our historian and interpreter (Ella Mae Howard) made history “come ALIVE!” This sounds like it was “glamping” (glamorous camping) at its finest!

1. In the voyager canoeAll photos by Leslie Stoltz, except where noted.

It as an amazing experience. Wonderful women, incredible guides, unbelievable scenery and an absolute opportunity to disconnect and recharge.


photo by Nancy Lee

I would do this trip again because…

I was encouraged to do things I have never done before.

The history was enlightening.

The crew was fantastic.

I love being outdoors.

Women are always lots of fun!

The water and mountains speak to me.

It was fun, it got me out of my comfort zone and I got to move.

I enjoyed the wilderness.

3. AdventureWomen gazing at the dazzling white sandstone the looms above the river.On this river I discovered a part of myself that’s been dormant for a long time. I felt younger, stronger, happier and more content that I have in ages. I am part of this river now. I’ve connected with so many amazing & wonderful women.

I found out something special about myself on this trip. It was…

I am capable of doing things that I fear.2. Climbing to Hole in the Wall, where Butch Cassidy and Sundance hid in the 1890s.

A hot shower makes me very happy.

I can let go.

That I love the peace and quiet of the water…

I can actually go camping and enjoy the experience.

You’re never too old!

I can go on a trip with strangers, have a great time and make new friends!

I can do without.

I don’t need to shower or wash my hair everyday, I’m more rugged that I thought.

6. first camp

Words cannot describe the time with new friends and old and the majesty and beautiful silence of the backcountry… Not to mention the wonderful addition of Ella Mae who made history come ALIVE for us.

The one thing I am dying to tell my family and/or friends about this trip is…4. Reading from the Lewis and Clark journals at old homesteads along the river

The majestic beauty and landscape. Big Sky country to the max!

The fun we had with everyone!! And how beautiful it was.

That the Missouri is BEAUTIFUL, and by beautiful I mean stunning!!!

That you can eat well while camping.

How totally & consistently positive everyone was.

How amazing the Lewis & Clark Expedition was.


photo by Nancy Lee

This was a great trip! The food was excellent, young guides were enthusiastic, and Ella Mae (the interpreter) was phenomenal.

This was a great trip and it exceeded my expectations. The guides were excellent, the food was fabulous, my fellow travelers were lots of fun, and having Ella Mae along was icing on the cake. I learned, I laughed, I spent unplanned time in the Missouri River, I did things that are a bit out of my comfort zone, I made new friends. Overall a great vacation.

5. Canoeing on the Missouri River past the White Cliffs -