Carol Koesel Gets in Shape for AdventureWomen Trips and More – Curves Magazine

AdventureWomen was featured in Curves Magazine in a piece about Carol Koesel, Curves client:

“In March 2007, Carol Koesel stood at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, watching hikers descend the steep trail. Unable to make the trek herself, Carol, 62, vowed to return fit and able to hike down, ride a mule, set up camp along the river, and raft. Two months later, she joined Curves in Monroe, Michigan, and got to work on her goal. “Curves helped me set incremental, realistic targets to keep me motivated,” she says.

Left-Right: Carol on Cattle Ranch trip in Montana, on the Grand Canyon Raft trip (right), and Hiking in Italy (right)

Left-Right: Carol on AdventureWomen’s Cattle Ranch trip in Montana, on our Grand Canyon Raft trip (right), and Hiking in Italy with AdventureWomen (right)

Having lost 30 pounds and no longer suffering with joint pain, Carol found herself back at the Grand Canyon in 2008. But this time, she was sleeping under the stars, hiking the side canyons, and covering 187 miles by raft. Carol was part of AdventureWomen’s 2008 Grand Canyon adventure trip.

Since then, Carol’s gone on to book active trips to New Zealand, the Italian Lakes region of Italy, and Florida’s Everglades, to name a few. Last June, she even saddled up and moved cattle to different grazing lands in Montana on AdventureWomen’s Cattle Ranch trip. ‘I love my active lifestyle,’ she says. ‘I’m not hoping to one day do these things. I’m doing them, because I’m strong enough, fit enough, and able to keep up with some who are half my age.’” – Curves Magazine

Way to go, Carol! We love to hear stories about women getting in shape to go on our trips, and to be all-around healthier for the rest of their lives!