Costa Rica “Jungle, Wildlife & Beaches”: Guest Reviews

On our “Costa Rica: Jungle, Wildlife and Beaches” 2017 trip to visit Tortuguero National Park, Arenal Volcano and the many Costa Rica ecosystems of this unique country, our guests really enjoyed themselves ziplining, tubing, horseback riding, kayaking, rafting. What didn’t they do?? Here are a few of their impressions in their own words…

What was it like traveling with AdventureWomen?

“Fun, lots of laughs.  New things every day, an interactive vacation.” -Amy H.

“Easy, welcoming, fun.” -Roberta P.

“Locations and activities were fantastic.  Choice of accommodations were superb” -JoAnne E.

“Great group of women, easy going, lots of laughs.” -Susan R.

“It was a transforming experience.  The group met as strangers and cried when we had to say goodbye 8 days later.  We lived and learned so much together in such a short time.” -Kelly J. 

During the trip, did you ever have feelings of triumph, empowerment? Did you feel challenged?


“Traveling in a group where I knew no one felt pretty crazy when I booked it, but now I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner.” -Robin S.

“Conquering the fear of ziplining.”  -JoAnne E.

“My biggest challenge was engaging with a group, I have become socially awkward living alone for so long and this was definitely out of my comfort zone.” -Cathy T.

“All of it was empowering.  Loved meeting the women’s coop.” -Amy H.

“I had a number of “firsts” on this trip from the experience of kayaking to Ziplining.  My most valuable experience was being a part of others on the trip who conquered their fears.” -Kelly J.

What will you remember the most from this womens’ trip to Costa Rica?

“Sleeping the jungle in Tortuguera and turtle nesting” -Amy H.

“Margueritas knowledge and her love of her country” -Roberta P.

“White water rafting on the Sarapiqui River and laughing so hard it hurt.  Watching the night nesting of the Green Sea Turtle and navigating the jungle with just a headlamp.” -Kelly J.

“Observing the east turtles lay eggs and the dedication of the people who work to preserve them” -Cathy T