“Cook It Up” In 2020: Culinary Adventures

Too many cooks spoil the broth? Not with AdventureWomen!

Did you know? Nearly every AdventureWomen travel itinerary includes a cooking class or hyper-local food discovery that our guests just love. Whether you’re learning to cook on a cocoa farm or in a local restaurant, professional chefs and revered local cooks on our trips welcome every Adventure Woman into their kitchen. You can learn about local specialties, from the sourcing of ingredients to helping prepare and present the perfect meal.

Here are just a few highlights from our 2020 upcoming adventures to whet your appetite:

Italy: Hiking the Italian Dolomites

On your “recovery day” from hiking in the Italian Alps, the hosts of your stay in Pesariis will bring you into their organic gardens to harvest the ingredients needed for your cooking class. Then, side-by-side with the chef, you’ll learn to make a menu of rustic Italian dishes from recipes handed down through generations.

Thailand & Laos: A Cultural Tour

“Mai pet, mai aloi!” – Not spicy, not delicious! Take these words from a Thai chef to heart – In January and December 2020, during your 10-day adventure through Thailand and Laos, learn to prepare an authentic Thai dish using colorful and incredibly fresh ingredients.

Spain: Hiking the Camino de Santiago – Portuguese Way

Hiking along the Camino de Santiago in Spain builds up both an appetite and love for the local, fresh cuisine. You’ll take a cooking class from a celebrity Galician chef and pair it with some of the region’s most popular wines.

Switzerland: Hiking the Swiss Alps

In Switzerland, after an exciting day exploring some of the most stunning sights in the Alps, you and your companions will learn to make Appenzeller Biber, a traditional Swiss gingerbread with honey and nuts.

Chile: Trekking in Patagonia

In Patagonia, while you’re staying at Nibepo Aike Estancia, a working ranch in Los Glaciares National Park, everyone pitches in to get the work done – you’re welcome in the kitchen to help any time of day! (*You can also help shear a sheep!)

Indonesia: Island Hopping & Orangutans

During your visit to the orangutans and Indonesia’s island jewels, one afternoon you will join a local Balinese cook to learn about Bali’s cuisine and try your hand at preparing a meal with ingredients that may seem both strange and exciting.

Baja, Mexico: Whale Watching, Glamping & Snorkeling with Sea Lions

Baja, Mexico: Day of the Dead 

Baja, Mexico: Mother-Daughter Adventure

We return to Baja three times in 2020, and each time Chef Iker, a charismatic chef at Los Colibris Casitas, treats our guests to fun cooking classes in creating authentic and traditional Mexican meals, Baja-style.

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