Navigating the World of Dining Etiquette When Traveling Abroad

When traveling abroad and encountering different dining situations, it’s always a good idea to get to know the dinner table rules or dining etiquette in different countries, especially if you eat out at local restaurants or are invited to be a guest in someone’s home.

Dining is a wonderful experience which creates a unique blend of cuisine, conversation and companionship. Wherever you travel, there can be complex rules to comply with at the dinner table depending on where you are and even who you are dining with.

Did you know?

  • In Japan, a country with very different dining rules to the USA and Europe, the proper etiquette when eating sushi or sashimi is to dip them into soy sauce that has been poured into a separate dish first before it can be eaten? Additionally, both should not be eaten in individual bites but eaten whole.
  • In Morocco, it is advisable to scoop your food with a piece of bread, or your thumb and the first two fingers of your right hand.
  • In France, you should finish everything on your plate but leave your wine glass nearly full if you do not want more.

Check out this fun infographic about dining etiquette in some of the countries around the world created by The Dunloe.

Dining Around World - resizedby Michelle Mangan, The Dunloe Hotel