Ellie’s First Adventures

Hello! My name is Eloise, but you can call me Ellie! I am so happy that AdventureWomen asked me, the resident AdventurePup, to tell you a bit about my travels in my first year of life, and where I’m excited to explore in the next few years.

This is me at six weeks old. I had a wonderful life with my ten siblings and I loved playing in the flowers. When I was ten weeks old, I flew across the country to my new home in Massachusetts. I was nervous, but I love adventures, so I was the happy kind of nervous that you get when you embark on a new journey– you all know that feeling well, right? I met my new parents and explored my new home. I was jet lagged so I had to take a lot of naps.

I had to get over jet lag fast, because I had to go help the AdventureWomen staff plan all of the exciting trips that you all get to go on. I’m so lucky – I got to go to the office every day to help them at work. They told me I was too little to go on any of the big adventures yet, but they sure did get me dreaming about where I might want to go when I grow up. This year, my biggest and most favorite adventure was to Vermont.

I got to run around as fast as I wanted, anywhere I wanted. My parents told me this was called hiking. Well, I learned something: I LOVE hiking. Zooming around in the trees is my favorite. As I grew up a little bit, I started dreaming about where my next big hiking adventures could be. Now that I’m about to turn one, the AdventureWomen team says I’m almost ready! Hooray!

I thought a lot about my choices, and I think for this year, I want to go to the Canadian Rockies. I love the idea of doing my very first big adventure not so far from home, and I am excited to see the expansive, majestic landscapes of the Rockies. Best of all, I get to try a lot of new and different activities!

Canada will be my warmup, because for my second birthday, I am going to really work hard – I want to climb to the Roof of Africa! My mom has climbed Kilimanjaro and she always talks about what it was like to stand on the tallest freestanding peak in Africa at 19,341’. I know I’ll have to train for a long time before the climb, but I can’t wait to get there!

Where else do you think I should go? Tell the AdventureWomen team where my next adventure should be so they can help me plan it! #ellietheadventurepup