Women-To-Women: Forging New Connections Near and Far to Empower Us All

Have you ever wanted to have a real conversation with another woman from an unfamiliar culture? Well, on an AdventureWomen adventure travel trip, you can do just that!

In 2018, we are adding new opportunities for women on our trips to better connect with local women living in our destinations. Not just meet them but talk to them. Learn from them. Connect with them. Share empowerment-near and far. Women keep telling us that the fact our trips are “women-only” really, really matters. It’s just a different experience traveling in the company of women versus with your spouse, partner, or family.

Here are four examples of ways we are weaving this “women-to-women” theme into our AdventureWomen trips moving forward into 2018:

  • In March 2018, we’ll be traveling to Japan where we’ll meet the Ama (“sea women”) who are free divers, who have been practicing this Japanese tradition in the area of Toba for over 3,000 years. How did they decide to do this? How do they balance this hobby with their lifestyles and families? What matters in free diving when it comes to being successful and safe while underwater?

source: uncoveringjapan.com

  • On our Canadian Bay of Fundy trip in August 2018, we’ll sit down to dinner with a certified Cicerone (certified beer professional) and the youngest female “Beer Sommelier in Canada”. How did she pick this professional out of all her options? How does she handle the traditionally male predominance of her profession? What’s her favorite beer and why?
  • A Madagascan proverb quotes “while one silk thread is strong, many woven together are stronger.” Also in August 2018, we’ll be traveling to Madagascar where we are treated to a hands-on silk weaving experience with local women who have passed this tradition from mothers to daughters for generations and now share their talents with us one-on-one. Where do they source their yarns? How does weaving help them thrive economically? How do you improve as a weaver?

source: vineyardmarketplace.org

  • In Bhutan in December 2018, we’ll visit the Pema Choling Institute where about 100 nuns ages 12-60 complete 12 years of study while on their journey to becoming a nun. Founded in 2000, the Institute contains the first shedra (Buddhist university) for women in Bhutan allowing them to receive traditional education on par with the greatest Buddhist learning centers for men in all of India and the Himalayas. When did they know this was their calling? Do they ever see their families? What qualities make a great nun?

Tell us about a women-to-women experience you’ve had and what type of “women-to-women” experiences would you like to see on AdventureWomen trips? Let us know on Facebook!