Friendships Between Women: The Magic Revealed By Our Guests

Travel Is A Catalyst for Lifelong Bonds Between Women

One of the interesting dynamics which we’ve noted over the years at AdventureWomen is how quickly women bond with each other on our trips. It can be something funny that happens that generates a mutual laugh, something two guests discover they have in common, curiosity about something someone else has experienced or just a natural camaraderie derived from complimentary personalities.

This past year, guests on two of our AdventureWomen trips (Costa Rica and Kilimanjaro) shared with us the special magic that happened on those two adventures.

From Costa Rica to Iowa to Tanzania: Why Not?

A group of women on our August 2017 Costa Rica trip are meeting up at the Iowa State Fair in August 2018 and then seven will travel with us in May 2019 to Tanzania. Here’s what they have to say about bonding on the adventure:

Yes, this was a special trip for sure!  I was amazed at how much we enjoyed each other – I definitely left Costa Rica with many new friends!  We had nicknames and jokes after the first night!  Sharing new experiences and laughing as much as we did, made the Costa Rica trip one of the best I’ve ever experienced!  What bonded us? Laughter, laughter and more laughter.  The other thing I was moved by on the CR trip was how many women were conquering fears.  People afraid of heights who were trying a zip line, riding a horse or crossing a suspended bridge!  Sharing these types of experiences lets you be vulnerable, lean on one another and build a trust/admiration in a short period of time! I can’t say enough – a truly once in a lifetime trip! Many tears as we said good bye! We’ve stayed in touch via Facebook, group chat and texting! I was actually planning to save my travel $$ for Galapagos but when I found out who was going to Tanzania- I knew I couldn’t miss traveling with them to Africa! – Amy

Everyone was so fun and easy to get along with. Nothing better than laughing, bonding and creating new relationships with women that were complete strangers. Looking back at Costa Rica pictures and these women put a smile on my face. Many of us accomplished things that we never thought were possible and will forever be a great memory. – Susan R.

Our group from AW Costa Rica had such a great time together and a lot of us have been keeping in touch through Facebook. I am looking forward to seeing a lot of these women on our next adventure in Tanzania. – Jo Anne

I took a chance signing up for Costa Rica, my first trip with AW.  I never traveled before with a company and I never traveled before to a country where I wasn’t going to know anyone.  All I can say is it was one of the best things I’ve ever done.  It was so fun and I met so many awesome women.  I signed up for Tanzania to be with these great ladies again in a great place with everything planned for us by the best travel company around, AdventureWomen.  And these ladies were hilarious, so funny, I laughed the whole time in Costa Rica. –Robin

We’re all from different areas of the U.S., and we are all very unique in our choice of lifestyle. But, we had a few very important traits in common. Most importantly, we treasured the experience of exploring a new place with new people, often far outside of our comfort zone.  And, above all, we appreciated a good laugh…we laughed constantly. My face hurt, everyday. I don’t think any of us walked away from that trip not appreciating how unique it was for all of us to have enjoyed each other as much as we did. We were sad to say goodbye, and Tanzania was the plan to see each other again.  – Kelly

I went to Costa Rica not knowing anyone on the trip and now have 12 more friends in the world.  We just clicked… I felt so safe with them that I could be me. That’s rare for me. They were supportive, funny, whitty, caring. Just what I needed in my life. I think we bonded over Amy’s Mum… she was the light of the group from the get go. Momma Crack… love her. And the xxx bottle openers… I’ve always wanted to go to Africa. Last summer when Nicole was talking about it and how involved your family is with the Tanzanian community, I knew I’d be going with the right group for me. The AW Costa Rica trio proved to me that this was a travel group that cared about the country visiting as well as guests. –  Nicole

From One Summit to Another: Kilimanjaro to Patagonia

There are seven adventurous hikers traveling with us to Patagonia in October 2019 who summited Kilimanjaro in 2018. Here’s what a couple of these intrepid adventuresses had to say about traveling together:

I’ve been on several AW trips and this one was the most hilarious by far. Camaraderie brought on by oxygen deprivation and laughter. We’ve stayed in touch! The Kili trip was my sister’s idea – and so was the Patagonia follow-up trip. It’s like the Kili selection, where we saw a beautiful word ‘Kilimanjaro’ and we signed up – then we googled it and holy crap!  What did we just sign up for??  But really, we chose Patagonia because the laugh-mobile was going to be there. I’m really really looking forward to seeing everyone again. – Dede

I signed up for Patagonia because one of the ladies from Kili asked if I would be interested in going. Once I heard who was going I had to say yes because they are great ladies to travel with.  I love people that are so laid back and at the same time so driven, that is what I love about them. – Robin

If you’ve experienced something special on an AdventureWomen trip, we hope you’ll share it with us. We believe our guests are the best storytellers we know and your comments, ideas, suggestions, and creative wit is priceless to us!