Women Entrepreneurs Around the World: Leading By Example

At AdventureWomen, we love to celebrate the power of women to lead by example in their local communities and to help create economic advancement and choices for other women. On our adventure travel trips, we always seek deeper relationships with the local women who live in our destinations. We want to know what challenges them, excites them and inspires them. We believe that traveling with Adventure Women should be so much more than just exploring a new part of the world. It should be about creating new relationships with both fellow travelers and with women from around the world. On every trip, our guests walk away learning a little more about the female experience on a global scale.

Earlier, we described these “women-to-women” connections we make on our trips in our article “Forging New Connections Near and Far – To Empower Us All“. Whether in Madagascar, meeting a group of silk weavers, in Japan learning how Ama Divers train to harvest pearls, in Bhutan discovering what its like to transition into a nun or chatting with the youngest female beer “sommelier” in Canada on our Bay of Fundy trip – you’ll be energized and enlightened by these inspiring women.

This month in Ciao Bella, we want to highlight some more women entrepreneurs that we meet on our travels in 2018 who are “making things happen” around the world.

In Morocco: Artisan Weavers

Our Morocco adventure vacation sold out fast so we jumped into gear and added a second departure September 23-October 5th! All of your senses will be ignited by the colorful and vibrant culture and in Morocco, the visuals are stunning! Bright, intricately woven and artistically-crafted textiles are part of the everyday scenery in this oasis in Northern Africa. While in Skoura, Morocco you’ll have the chance to meet with a group of women weavers who are part of a women’s collective of artisans. These creative entrepreneurs have learned how to perfect their craft while also making a living doing it. Learn how and why it is so important to them to preserve ancient Moroccan traditions honored through textile and design.

Stores in the medina streets of Fez, Morocco.

In Chile: A Vintner Extraordinaire

As you bike through Chilean wine country in November 2018, you’ll stop at multiple Chilean vineyards, a wonderful opportunity to connect with the people behind the wines you’ll be tasting throughout your trip. You’ll meet Chile’s first female vineyard owner, Maria Luz Marin. She started Casa Marin in 2000 despite warnings from others in the business about the location of the vineyard being too close to the Pacific coast. Turns out the location and the cool climate are just perfect for Maria’s grapes. She’ll share with you her story of how her wines have become some of the most award-winning varietals in all of Chile.

In Romania: A Chef for All Seasons

You’ll indulge in traditional Romanian cuisine throughout your entire adventure in Romania this May, where you’ll meet with a talented local chef who can teach you the culinary skills you’ll need to prepare some delicious Romanian dishes back home. You’ll visit her at her traditional Saxon home in Sona for a hands-on, in-depth culinary experience from produce selection to cooking techniques and equipment to the best part – tasting the fruits of your labor! Walk through her garden, harvest herbs and wildflowers, and learn how she incorporates traditional medicinal plants into the magical meals she creates.

No matter what AdventureWomen trip you choose, you’ll meet so many inspiring women entrepreneurs and leaders along the way, helping to foster global female connections and empowerment. And don’t forget to share your own experiences, skills, and stories with each other and with us on Facebook! At AdventureWomen, we love to keep learning from one another.