Hiking the Italian Lakes: What Adventure Women Are Saying

In May 2015, AdventureWomen traveled to the Italian Lakes region in Northern Italy for a rousing hiking trip – traveling on foot from the tranquil shores of Lake Maggiore to the Swiss elegance of Lake Lugano, and finally to experience the sophistication of Lake Como. Here is what the Adventure Women on our European hike had to say about their adventure! Our second Hiking the Italian Lakes trip departs the end of September 2015!

Lake Maggiore for Blog

Hiking along Lake Maggiore.

I found out something about myself on this trip. It was…

I could wear the same hiking boots 8 days in a row!

I could be sweaty and still have a great time.

That I can do more than I think I can.

Life is short and taking “One Day at a Time” is important.

The little engine that could.

That I should push myself more and enjoy every minute.

If you try hard enough you can usually do it!


Tremezzo, on the grounds of the Botanical Gardens for Blog

In Tremezzo, strolling the grounds of the Botanical Gardens.

I would do this trip again because:

The activities were well planned and thoughtful.

It was well organized and I made many new friends.


The one thing I am dying to tell my family and/or friends about this trip is…

I loved each and every vista.

The women on this trip were all phenomenal and interesting!

I DID IT!! And had a wonderful time!

The places we stayed, the beauty we saw, & the people we met, were worth every moment.

How much fun it was with lots of exercise and good food.

Italy and the people are beautiful.

[Italy] is the most picturesque country I have ever been to.

The wine and beautiful scenery along with wonderful guides.

Stephanie, Cindy, Julie, Jas, Laurie, Gillian The Mountain Goats IMG_2073 for Blog

A few of the participants and our guide, Gillian Arthur (far right).

Photos courtesy of Laurie Sams