Hiking, Fondue, and Alpen Peaks in Switzerland: Guest Reviews

Our 2018 hiking trip to Switzerland was full of adventures, filled with scenic views, and cultural discoveries.  This Spring adventure led our group through meadows filled with wildflowers, to vistas overlooking high alpine peaks, taught us how to make fondue and traditional Swiss bread baking, and even treated us to a 6 AM parade of noisy, flower-bedecked, belled cows through village streets. What could be more “Switzerland” than that?


Here’s what our guests had to say when we asked them…

What was it like traveling in Switzerland with AdventureWomen? 

“It was thrilling, exciting, fun, interesting, and full of activity. It was my first AdventureWomen trip and it won’t be my last.” – Rita D.

“I loved it. Everyone wanted to be there. They were inclusive and drama free. Travelling with people that are fit, positive minded, and eager is freeing and relaxing.” – Kimberly G.

“I enjoyed the full day activities! There was so much to do and experience every day. I especially loved the times we were able to meet local people in their homes or places of business to experience an authentic part of that country’s lifestyle.” – Ronna W.

Did you experience any feelings of triumph or empowerment while on your trip? What challenged you?

“I felt empowered to make the hikes each day without any physical issues. We hiked through meadows, on hills, on mountains, and on glaciers for several miles each day and I enjoyed every minute of it. I wasn’t sure if I could handle the physical activity, but I did it!” – Ronna W.

“I think just the challenge of going solo on a plane to a foreign country to spend 9 days with women I never met before. It was quite empowering to do that.” – Rita D.

“The lifts, which used to frighten me-ended up utterly fun and thrilling!” – Patti A.

“Flying to Europe on my own was a first experience for me, and I also navigated the train system on my own prior to meeting the group.” – Katie G.

What will you remember the most from this trip?

“Meeting the other women, the first day at the airport” – Patti A.

“Yodeling with Walter” – Julie A.

“Developing relationships and connections with the group of women I traveled with, everyone was friendly, caring, fun, supportive, and giving to each other.” – Ronna W.

“I loved it all! The first walking day through meadows with gorgeous flowers, streams, mountains, cows, piggies, newborn kittens!” – Julie A.

“Standing atop the Titlis Glacier with the surrounding views of the Alps” – Cynthia G.

“Running into a procession of villagers dressed in traditional garb taking their goats and cows up into the Alps to summer pasture, this (annual procession) was talked about all week but it was a surprise to run into!” – Katie G.