How Women Define “Adventure”

When we asked 1,820 women to give us their personal definition of “adventure”, we didn’t realize how fascinating the responses to this question would be.

We thought you might enjoy hearing what some of them had to say, in their own words:

Being outdoors, doing what the locals do in the region, stepping outside my comfort zone, experiencing new lands, the people, their food, their everyday life and coming home with added happiness to my already happy life!

Experiences that take you out of cultural, physical or social comfort zone so you can learn!

Opportunity for travel moments: the unexpected encounters, lesser known sites, wonder (in small and larger ways).

Something out of my comfort zone or challenge that I’ve never tried before. A place unknown, but safe to explore and experience.

Something that gets my heart racing a little bit.

Something new and different that gets into my soul.

Experiencing life that is different than yours – trying something new.

Having experiences that would challenge and enrich my life. There is tremendous value in exploring the world outside of my “box”.

Meeting the people.  Finding a way to help out.

The thrill of conquering new things.

Being open to what might be around the corner.

Something new; something fun; something I have never been; an experience that makes me smile.

Pushing myself physically to try new activities, putting myself in unfamiliar circumstances, trusting others to keep me safe and whole.

Doing or seeing something I haven’t experienced before involving beauty and/or curiosity that takes my breath away and resets my priorities.

An experience that teaches you something about yourself.

Stepping out of my comfort zone to try something different, letting go of my fears so that I may grab hold of life with both hands.

Something that sparks my interest and creativity every day; a trip that leaves me feeling inspired.

Adventure – a way to connect with your inner spirit that is sometimes quieted by daily responsibilities.

I want to hear other women’s stories and understand how they live and what their “normal” consists of.

Live the experience – be in the moment – grow.

Smile and soar freely!

Purposely getting lost in order to find my way.

Closing my eyes and ‘jumping’.

Adventure travel lets me cut the cords of daily life and shed my familiar skin for awhile and pretend to be anything I want to be. To push myself…To educate myself and carbonate my existence.

Adventure is having experiences that are fun, challenging, makes you happy, keeps you young at heart, is exhilarating, takes you outside your comfort zone, makes you feel you accomplished a dream or goal, and takes you to a place of amazing!

An adventure is an exciting and memorable chapter in our “book of life”.

A moment that takes you out of your comfort zone & shows you what you are truly made of!

When a something does not quite go the way you would think…it becomes an adventure.

Having new, exciting experiences that stimulate my intellect, body and soul.

Any travel, any day, can be an adventure. It’s a mindset.

The wonder of the unexpected…

An “adventure” challenges me to draw on the peak of my abilities… it doesn’t provide surety of an outcome; the only surety is that in the doing I have achieved my personal best… and all the benefits accrue from my commitment to the journey.

To be able to go out into any place in this country or world see what is there, to experience life the way it is in those places, challenge my growing edge and meet new people. To absorb life without editing.

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