It’s June – Let’s Celebrate!

AdventureWomen celebrate in Italy's Dolomites, one of our favorite European adventures.

AdventureWomen celebrate in Italy’s Dolomites, one of our favorite European adventures.

It’s June and we know most of you are celebrating numerous things this month from graduations to anniversaries to Father’s Day and even the summer solstice on June 21st! Did you know June 4th is “hug your cat day” and June 20th is “take your dog to work day”?

Here are some great reasons to celebrate all things adventurous for women everywhere in June:

  1. More Women Graduating and Getting College Degrees

According to the PewResearchCenter, in 1994, 63% of recent female high school graduates and 61% of male recent high school graduates were enrolled in college in the fall following graduation. By 2012, the share of young women enrolled in college immediately after high school had increased to 71%, but it remained unchanged for young men at 61%. Go graduates!

  1. June Wedding Anniversaries

June remains the most popular month to get hitched in at 10.8% of U.S. marriages. August ranks second at 10.2%, followed by September (9.6%) and October (9.4%).

  1. Father’s Day: Who Knew??

Who knows the origins of Father’s Day? Father’s Day was founded in Spokane, Washington in 1910 by Sonora Smart Dodd, whose father was a Civil War veteran and a single parent who raised his six children. “Father’s Day” had rough start as many viewed it as a commercial concoction similar to “Mother’s Day” and was only celebrated sporadically until the Father’s Day Council and numerous mens-oriented trade groups prevailed. Still, it took until 1972 for Father’s Day to become, by law, a permanent national holiday in the U.S. by President Richard Nixon.

  1. The Summer Solstice: The First Day of Summer and the Longest Day to Adventure!

In 2014, we celebrate (in the northern hemisphere) the first day of summer and the longest day of the year on June 21st. This is the day when the sun reaches its furthest point from the Earth’s equator. The word solstice is from the Latin solstitium, from sol (sun) and stitium (to stop), reflecting the fact that the Sun appears to stop at this time (and again at the winter solstice). We love the summer solstice at AdventureWomen because we get the maximum time to adventure on this day every year. This year, we’ll be wrapping up our Bear Viewing adventure in Alaska!

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By Annie Ellicott