Making New Women-To-Women Connections – in Morocco

One of our favorite destinations is the fascinating country of Morocco, a cultural journey exploring this vibrant land of contrasts. With its roots in Northern Africa, proximity to the Sahara Desert and close ties to Europe, Morocco showcases its diversity and color through architecture, textiles, music, and cuisine.

We’ve sprinkled many “women-to-women” opportunities into our Moroccan trip itinerary, allowing you to connect with local women living in Morocco – from entrepreneurs to artisans, cooks to educators.

We travel on our third day to Chefchaouen, a fortress town built in the 15th century and historically home to a multicultural mix of Berbers, Muslim and Jewish refugees from Spain. You’ll visit a traditional textile workshop where you’ll meet the women manufacturing “djellabas”, the traditional long, loose-fitting outer robe worn by both women and men in Morocco with a hood that comes to a point in the back. After your morning exploring Chefchaouen, you’ll join a local family for lunch where you will learn how Moroccan women cook up delicious recipes using creative combinations of spices.

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Two days later, we’ll travel to the medieval city of Fes where you’ll be transported back centuries while walking through the labyrinth of shopping stalls, donkey carts and street vendors that is the Fes Medina. After exploring the Karaouine Mosque, the Medersas, and the Nejjarine, you’ll visit a local tannery and learn how leatherwork is still done using ancient skills and then can either meet a Moroccan chef in a private cooking class or join a potter to participate in a ceramics workshop.


On day six of our Moroccan adventure, we head out to the countryside to the city of Sefrou. In the morning, you’ll visit a women’s cooperative that makes djellaba, fabric, scarves, and rugs. You’ll learn how these women make hand-knotted “cherry” buttons, and perhaps try your hand at this yourself! While you’re enjoying lunch together, you can get to know these creative mavens while you swap stories about your lives.


Finally on one of our last days in Morocco, we’ll travel to Ouarzazate, located in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains. This region of the country is well known in the film industry for its varied landscapes, classic architecture showcased in the natural light of sunrises and sunsets. Lawrence of Arabia was filmed here! Photograph Kasbah Ait Ben Haddou, a World Heritage of Humanity Site. In Ouarzazate, on our final “women-to-women” experience, we visit a local women’s group, which provides education and teaches traditional skills to the local people.


Don’t miss this rich cultural experience in the company of the insightful and inspirational women of Morocco!