Meet Our AdventureWomen Survey Winner: Brenda

This year’s survey of women adventure travelers saw a record response rate with over 2,000 adventure enthusiasts describing what they most value in women-only adventure trips. A big thank you to all who participated. We so value your opinions!

We’re happy to announce that Brenda from Richmond, Virginia is our survey winner this year and she’s thrilled to be using her $2,019 credit toward our low altitude Nepal trip in October 2019.

We asked her a bit about her passion about international travel and here’s her story:

What inspires you most about international travel?

Learning about other cultures and seeing the world firsthand from their perspective.  And, all the different plants, birds and animals that are here on this earth.  Truly amazing!

What is on your wish list of dream destinations?

So many, India, Morocco, Azore Islands, New Zealand, Greek Islands, Madagascar, Spain, Portugal, our own country has such natural beauty.   I would like to explore the southwest, redwoods, and boundary waters etc.

What is your favorite travel memory?

I remember standing in the middle of a field with my sisters, totally lost, while hiking from one town to another in the Alsace Lorraine region.  I was trying to speak my best French to a farmer to get directions back to town and he was so excited to be speaking to an American and wanted to go get his son, so the son could practice his English.  Also, being in England with houses made of timbers that were over 900 years old …. imagine all the things the house has “seen”!

Tell us more…

My goal is to be a lifelong learner and be outside, appreciating nature as much as I can.