Nepal Trekking: Honoring an Adventure Woman

October 22 – November 6, 2013 took AdventureWomen on the Nepal Trekking in the Himalayas: Annapurna Lodge Trek to the “Gates of Heaven”. One of our favorite yearly adventures, this amazing journey in Asia is a unique combination of low altitude trekking, cultural interaction, white water rafting, and getting to know Nepal’s southern Terai country by elephant back in Chitwan National Park.

On this year’s Nepal adventure vacation, we also honored a special AdventureWomen repeat client, Janice Pearson, who was so excited to go on this trip that she was the first woman to register for it! Sadly, Janice passed away suddenly and unexpectedly prior to the trip’s departure date. Janice is survived by her family and husband, David Pearson. To recognize this wonderful woman and her adventurous spirit, David sent us his favorite photograph of Janice and a small amount of her ashes.

With our outfitter, our Nepali guide, Mani, and Stacey Bengtson, our AdventureWomen Associate, we organized three special ceremonies in honor of Janice that were held during the trip. In this photo gallery, you will see how and where Janice was honored. I want to also say a special thank you to this year’s adventure participants for the part they played in honoring Janice’s memory. ~ Susan L. Eckert

Photos by Stacey Bengtson