Our Favorite Travel Apps of 2018

Adventure Women love to be “on the go”. And women on the go need to keep all their travel arrangements organized and at their fingertips, preferably right on their smartphone. We have selected our top 5 favorite travel apps that make every woman’s adventure (wherever she decides to travel) go more smoothly. Whether you’re hiking in the Canadian Rockies or sipping wine in Mendoza, Argentina, you’ll be thankful to have these tools in your pocket.

App In The Air

If you have even one flight scheduled this year, you must download this app! App in the Air syncs to your email account and organizes your flight details and loyalty program information so you don’t need to scroll through your inbox. It gives you your flight check in time, updates you on any travel delays, and even gives you your gate number so you don’t need to push your way through the crowd surrounding the screens in the airport. The best part? It works offline as well so you can get information about your connecting flight while still on the first leg!


For those of us who dread creating a trip packing list, Packpoint is a lifesaver. You just put in the location(s) you’ll be visiting, your travel dates, and the activities you’ll be doing, and the app curates a travel packing list for you. The app even pulls in current weather information to help you prepare for the climate at your destination. And we know, Adventure Women puts together a packing list specific to each trip with us. But isn’t it nice that your weekend away can now have that same luxury?

Guides by Lonely Planet

One of our favorite things to do when we travel is come in early and explore whatever city we are starting in on our own. Carrying around a destination guidebook is less than practical so we use Guides by Lonely Planet, a free app with more than 175 downloadable city guides. Find cafes, museums, or even places to hear live music. This app also provides a map view so you can see exactly where each location is. The best part? The city guide and map is accessible offline so you can make on-the-fly plans!


When you’re traveling all over the world, it’s easy to forget even the simplest phrases in another language. Just asking for directions in a foreign language can be a task. Ordering food exactly as you want it is often difficult. And flipping through a phrase book to piece together what you’re trying to say never actually works. Since internet access is often not available, we like to have the iTranslate app downloaded anytime we leave the country. You can type in exact phrases to get a translation in over 100 languages. The Pro version (which has a small monthly charge) allows you translate spoken word! All of this is able to be used offline. It’s an Adventure Woman’s must-have!


Circa is our favorite time zone app, allowing you to not only see the time in multiple time zones on one pretty screen, but also gives you details such as when everyone in each time zone would be awake. This is perfect for when you are traveling abroad (perhaps through multiple time zones) and want to touch base with those at home. It’s also great for when you return and want to jump on a Skype call with friends who live around the globe.

All of these women’s travel apps are available for iOS and android, and many are able to be used on a smart watch. What are you waiting for? Download these helpful travel tools and bring your 2018 travels to the next level!