Mongolia Photo Gallery

Mongolia, former empire of Genghis Khan, is home to one of the last nomadic, horse-based cultures in the world as well as the home of the famous Gobi Desert in Asia. The spirit of adventure that lives within the people of Mongolia might best be described by a traditional proverb: “While your father is alive, know as many people as you can… while your horse is strong, see as many places as you can.”

AdventureWomen’s 2013 adventure travel trip to Mongolia – In Search of Dragons and Eagles: Land of the Last Nomads, discovered rare glimpses into this ancient culture and the last unspoiled wilderness in Asia, as we experienced this land of horsemen and traditions that date back to Genghis Khan. We celebrated the magnificent Golden Eagle Festival with the Kazakh hunters in the Altai Mountains, stayed in a premier expedition ger camp in the Gobi Desert, and explored the Flaming Cliffs, home of the world’s first discovered dinosaur eggs. As you can see in this photo gallery, the trip is an experience of a lifetime!

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Photos by Rebecca Hintze

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