The Top 5 Reasons TO Travel in 2016

At AdventureWomen, we’ve heard many excuses women sometimes use for NOT traveling…but what about the best reasons TO travel this year?

Here are our top 5 reasons for women, everywhere, to take that transformative and memory-making vacation in 2016:

  1. Time is (More) Money. As we all try to find the “right time” to travel, we quickly discover, there will always be a reason why [choose your month] won’t work. There’s Suzie’s graduation, Kevin’s wedding, your college or high school reunion and isn’t your husband working on that trip for your 30th anniversary (he SHOULD be!). If we remain a slave to our pre-planned lives and schedules, these “must do” command performances will never accommodate a week of hedonistic bliss hiking the Amalfi Coast in Italy. But let’s face it, time is money, and invigorating and insightful vacation trips will only get costlier the longer we wait to plan them. Time (unfortunately) is not going to suddenly become more plentiful. Ever. And if you want to minimize travel time, the grand old U.S. still has some pretty amazing opportunities to explore!

Alaska Bear Viewing & Wildlife Safari, June 18 – 25
Montana Hiking: Big Sky-Yellowstone, July 16 – 22

  1. Terrorists Don’t (and Never Will) Control Us. Despite the media’s attempts to ensure we stay current on the latest ISIS threats, shootings, bomb attacks and other violent worldwide skirmishes, at AdventureWomen, we will never let fear hold us from experiencing the world’s best destinations. We learned long ago that life is full of risks. Some we can control. Some we can’t. But digging a hole and refusing to leave it is probably the riskiest strategy of all. So get out and see the world before these incredible places change forever.

Cuba: Music, Cuisine & the Arts, May 5 -14 and October 13 – 22
Egypt’s Mysteries & Jordan’s Petra, October 14 – 28

  1. YOU are the Best Investment – Not the Bond or Stock Market. As L’Oreal says, it’s okay to spoil yourself because… “you’re worth it”. It’s true. Investing in the expansion of your horizons will make you more interesting and more interested. Nothing is more fun than running into an old friend and finding out she has just returned from a fascinating trip in NEW ZEALAND or BOTSWANA. Do you rattle on for months about your African safari to your friends and family? I do! Family trips will always be high priority but make a point of investing a week of 2016 in YOU.

Hiking New Zealand’s South Island, April 2 – 17
Botswana ‘Wing’ Safari, May 13 – 25

  1. Intrepid Women Unplug and Unwind. Let’s face it. In the late ‘90’s and early ‘00’s it was the internet. Now in this decade, the always connected smart phone has created the latest new paradigm in our lifestyles. We are lost in a sea of apps, alerts, selfies and social media updates. We have become slaves to our screens (even if we have to pull out our glasses to read them). And now, on top of everything else, the 2016 Presidential election. Oh boy! Let’s stop the madness and take a moment in 2016 to unplug and master the art of becoming “intrepid”. Read a book on the airplane. Grab your camera. Get to know a local and learn about their cultural traditions. Make a new friend on the trip. Savor a dinner which leaves you demanding the recipe. Your time away will feel like a whole month.

Exotic Sri Lanka: UNESCO World Heritage Splendor, July 30 – August 12
Walking & Wine in Provence, October 8 – 16

  1. Gain Understanding and Perspective. It’s easy to make assumptions – when you haven’t experienced something first-hand. Last year, we had many women questioning going to Africa because of Ebola. But Ebola was nowhere near anywhere we traveled in Africa. Some women recognized this and traveled with us to Kenya and Namibia. Here’s what they had to say. Same for Nepal – despite the earthquake, we sent two groups trekking in Nepal. These women couldn’t have been happier to help support the people and local economy during this challenging time for the Nepalis.

We often choose our destinations at AdventureWomen because these special places are going through transformations and transitions. That’s part of their fascinating stories and we want to hear them. So get the real story – in person.

Uganda Gorilla Trek & Wildlife Safari, October 14 – 28
Nepal Trek in the Himalayas, October 20 – November 4