Trekking in Nepal: What Adventure Women Are Saying

Here are some fun Nepal travel reviews from guests on our recent Nepal trekking adventure:

Hiking through a rural village

“I loved the Nepal trip. The trekking was off the charts exhilarating and Stacey, our AdventureWomen Associate was beyond words… the greatest. We all came home with buns of steel and feeling like heros.”

Nepal little boy practicing English (1)


“[This trip] had a much greater impact on me than I would have imagined. I knew the magnificent mountains would be great, but it was the people, children, colors, culture, their gentleness, their way of life, that I was so touched by…”


“I feel that one of the best things about a trip  [Nepal trekking] is the anticipation of going and the memories and impressions forged as you reflect on it when you return. It was truly an amazing experience.”


Temple at Boudhanath


“This was my second “all women” trip [Nepal Trek] and I’m hooked. The support and friendship from the group is something you can’t put a price tag on. I will look to AdventureWomen first for future trips as I feel the quality and planning that goes into the trips is exceptional.”


“I have spent much time thinking and reliving this wonderful adventure [Nepal Himalaya Trek 2011]. It was a memorable, life-changing experience… Sharing hiking, floating, and elephant riding, surrounded by beautiful scenery and an endearing culture, with such a fabulous group of women, is all anyone could ask for!”


Melinda, the Aussie, kicks up her heels (Photo Credit: Gayle Hagins)