Why I Love to Travel to New Destinations All Over the World

By AdventureWomen Ambassador Pamela Whyard

When I open my mind and heart while embarking on adventure travel, I learn not only something new about a culture or people, but also about myself.  I leave having been challenged emotionally, physically, intellectually, and spiritually, and ultimately I am changed for the absolute better.

I have a passion for learning from all people. It is amazing how we live in a global world wherein we can travel and experience one another with relative ease. I do not simply want to travel as a spectator; my desire is to partake in the culture and environment as a local. I tend to thrive on being in situations out of my comfort zone, as it nudges me to be open, patient, flexible, and to rely on and embrace the unknown, which creates space for me to grow as an individual.

It usually takes me a period of time post-travel to really absorb and process all that I’ve experienced. I find that I am left with a new depth and broader understanding of the world and people as a whole, including myself! I accept others for who and what they are, and I become insightful and appreciative of their way of life, which is often so profoundly different than my own. It is a personally fulfilling process, one that quite frankly leaves me wanting to experience and explore more destinations.

The sights, sounds, and smells may be unlike anything I’ve ever experienced and it is an exhilarating moment when your mind and body process all that which is new and different {insert mind blown emoji ;)}.

I appreciate that AdventureWomen, in particular, provides an avenue through which all women can safely participate wholeheartedly in adventure travel. The resulting camaraderie and community while traveling to new destinations is extremely rewarding.  Not only do we as fellow travelers become close friends, we invariably become friends with locals. It’s fantastic!