Why We Explore: Tales From the Field

At AdventureWomen, we continue to be wowed by the women who join us on our trips.

Adventure travel attracts a diverse group of women from different backgrounds, lifestyles, and walks of life. Each of our adventures brings together these unique individuals in a wonderful melting pot which cooks up the best “soup”!  And one of the things we’ve learned in talking to our guests after their trips is that each of them loves to explore the world around them – but sometimes for very different reasons.

Exploring by kayak gives you an entire new perspective about the world around you

Here’s what AdventureWomen have to say about why they enjoy exploring…


There are vacations to familiar haunts and then there are vacations to completely unfamiliar places. AdventureWomen tell us they love both, but it is the latter which really ignite their passions. These world travelers are like sponges, eagerly awaiting their next opportunity to absorb their next exciting destination, every aspect of it – sometimes even before they’ve seen the itinerary!

Visiting the Taj Mahal was one of my main reasons for traveling to India. Little did I know that the small villages and especially the people would far outshine the Taj. Seeing India via a river cruise aboard the Bengal Ganga, such a simple way to travel in comfort and ease, made the trip even more enjoyable. The sights, sounds, and culture of India are things that everyone needs to experience at least once in a lifetime.

Indian holy men in a temple in Varanasi, India

I always dreamed of going to Africa and especially to the Serengeti. On our first morning we landed on the little dirt airstrip in the middle of nowhere, loaded into the range rovers and headed toward camp. The scenery was spectacular and a real treat to watch the Maasai children herding cattle along the road. Suddenly I saw heads towering over the treetops, giraffes gracefully swaying as they moved through the trees. That was the moment I knew I was really in Africa. – Josie P.

Elephant, wildebeest, gazelles all together on the Serengeti

Nepal had a much greater impact on me than I would have imagined. I knew the magnificent mountains would be great, but it was the people, children, colors, culture, their gentleness, their way of life, that I was so touched by…

The world is such a fascinating place. -Nancy S.


Sometimes travel can be intensely personal. Even if you travel with a group of likeminded women, what you experience on an adventure travel trip is what you choose it to be. Exploring includes opening yourself up to new experiences, situations which can teach you things you never knew about yourself. You might be surprised about what you can accomplish when given a gentle nudge in the company of a fan club of other women cheering you on!

I found out something special about myself on this trip. It was…

I am capable of doing things that I fear…

You’re never too old! …

I can do without. (Lewis and Clark – Missouri River Glamping)

I found out I could still be excited by and enjoy some of life’s simpler pleasures – the thrill of seeing animals in their natural surroundings and not behind bars, the smell of clean air and wild sage and the incredible beauty of the stars.-Margo H, IL (Botswana Safari)


Choosing to travel to distant lands can include exposing yourself to unpredictable events. We can choose to look at these as scary and risky… or funny and part of the stories we take home with us. Our guests say they appreciate the new perspectives they gain from traveling and experiencing life from a different viewpoint.

Adventure travel always gets you out of your comfort zone, which is a good place to be. This was my first trip to Mexico, learned a lot and have a much different impression. The people are lovely and kind. The landscape so diverse – desert, sand, oceans, mountains, just beautiful.  -Carolyn G.(Baja, Mexico)

I came home with a new appreciation for… snow – on the nose of a bison, as it crystallizes around a geyser pool, the sound of it crunching below snow shoes, as it is kicked up by excited dogs, and as it falls softly and quietly at the end of a satisfying day. …Never in my wildest dreams did I think …that I would be following a wolf pack’s tracks in the snow as I snowshoed. (Yellowstone in Winter)

Experience Bison at home in their natural habitat of the Lamar Valley in Yellowstone

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think … a trip could so profoundly affect my everyday life and perceptions after the trip”– Carolyn, Oregon ( Nepal Trek)


Women’s roles today include being nurturers, multi-taskers, employees, planners, mediators, coaches, champions and chefs (among other requirements). They often must “do it all” and sometimes forget to take the time to invest in their own happiness and the nourishment of their souls. Adventure travel can play an important role here too.

It was very freeing to be away from all my responsibilities. I didn’t realize the weight I was carrying until I left it at the dock. (BVI Sailing)

What I remember most are the moments when I felt especially present and so happy with what I was experiencing, the sleigh ride at dusk with the snow falling and of course when it was my turn to drive the dogsled, just the most amazing and thrilling experience. (Yellowstone Winter)

“Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would experience Africa…, and never in my wildest dreams will I say “never in my wildest dreams” again because anything is possible if we dare to take a chance. Thank you for making our dreams come true!” -Ellen V, NJ

I learned…Life is short and taking “One Day at a Time” is important.

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Congratulations team AdventureWomen, you are at the Roof of Africa! (Photo Credit: Erin Knerr)