Magnificent Myanmar: Did you know?

After decades of being off limits to most outside visitors, the magnificent country of Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, has finally begun to shed its cloak of mystery and allow travelers to discover its ancient traditions, architectural and artistic treasures, and abundant natural beauty.

Did you know?

Myanmar was officially known as Burma until 1989.

2. Buddhism is the main religion in Myanmar; 89% of the population is Buddhist.


3. The traditional sport of Myanmar is called Chinlone. This game is a combination of sport and dance and the aim is to keep the chinlone in the air as long as possible by juggling it.

4. In Myanmar, a yellow paste from the bark of the Thanakha tree is used as a cosmetic; when applied to the face, it acts as a sunscreen.

5. Myanmar has more than 100 different ethnic groups.

6. The “longyi” is the traditional Burmese dress. This unique garment is wrapped around the body like a skirt and tied on the side by women and in the front by men.

7. Myanmar is one of three countries in the world (besides Liberia and the US) that have not adopted the metric system.

8. The Irrawaddy Basin is surrounded on three sides by mountains and plateaus that are densely forested. This area in Myanmar is where the majority of Burmese live: in the fertile valley and delta of the river.

9. Rice is the main agricultural export in Myanmar.

10. A typical meal includes rice, fish, vegetables, meat, and soup served together and eaten all at the same time.

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