A True Adventure Woman: Turning A Life Transition in a Positive New Direction

On the anniversary of her 20th year traveling with AdventureWomen, one of our inspirational guests, Cathy M., sent us her personal story about what those twenty years of travel, from Borneo to Baja, Turkey to Canada, Rwanda to Uganda, have given back to her.

Here is her story…

“I have traveled with AdventureWomen since 1999. On a recent AW trip skiing at Bridger Bowl Montana, Annie Childs (an AdventureWomen Ambassador) asked me to share my story. Thank you, Annie for that encouragement. So here it is.

Cathy meeting Silverback gorillas in Rwanda

My husband passed away in November 1998. At his funeral, his cousin told me to ‘check out AdventureWomen’. She had gone on one trip with Susan Eckert, AdventureWomen’s courageous and inspiring founder, and said that “AW” could be just the thing for me. That short conversation altered the course of my life forever.

Hiking in Borneo with AdventureWomen

I signed up for the Baja trip in October 1999. That trip further changed my life and began a life-long journey to discover who I am. The journey continues. Peeling back the onion skins of who I am: to myself, to my family, to my friends, to countless others that have crossed my path. I have learned so much about myself through the ladies that travel with AdventureWomen.

Camaraderie among AW’s women has been and continues to be a priceless gift. I was fortunate to have traveled with Susan Eckert on several trips and was able to personally tell her how she changed my life. I am forever grateful to Susan Eckert and to AdventureWomen.

Setting off on a scenic horseback ride in the Canadian Rockies

A few weeks ago, I took another trip with AW organized by the new owners. In my opinion, Judi Wineland and her daughters retain the legacy and spirit of Susan Eckert’s mission – a great big thank you to Judi Wineland, her daughters and the entire AW Team! I am already signed up for another trip in 2019 and look forward to continuing my life’s journey with the unparalleled, dynamic, life-altering Adventure Women!”

Celebrating the joy of exploring Uganda with AdventureWomen friends

“When we purchased the company from Susan, we were a little bit terrified, to be honest. We knew we carried the responsibility of making sure that AdventureWomen, the company, the brand, the legacy, continued to grow and flourish as Susan would have wanted it to. When our guests tell us that we have successfully kept the flame alive, ensuring that AdventureWomen’s spirit will live on for generations to come, you simply cannot understand how much this means to us. It is everything. Thank you, Cathy for these encouraging words to us and we are so glad for Susan’s encouraging words to you.” – Judi Wineland

Discovering Turkey with other AdventureWomen