We are proud to connect AdventureWomen’s community, the transformative experience of adventure travel, and women who are healing and growing as widows.

Modern Widows Club provides a safe place to gather and talk, create friendships, try new things or go to new places, enjoy shared experiences, and encourage and support one another. Widowhood is the club no one wants to belong to because the connection is joined by experiencing great loss. Yet within that loss, widowers can find friendship, support, and a safe and encouraging community with others who understand the journey. We value the presence and services that the Modern Widows Club offers for those seeking to understand their experience and focus on growth while embracing their own strength and courage.

Are you a widow or a widow supporter?

No matter how long it’s been since you became widowed, Modern Widows Club can support you on your HOPE, HEAL, GROW, and LEAD pathway in widowhood. Modern Widows Club supports widows of all ages, ethnic backgrounds, beliefs, faiths, partner statuses, and loss circumstances. You are not alone.

• In-person and virtual support groups
• Clubs and activities
• E-courses and educational videos
• Travel opportunities
• In-person and virtual empowerment conferences
• Mentoring programs
• Webinars and podcasts
• Opportunities for advocacy, leadership, and philanthropy

We encourage you to browse Modern Widows Club’s offerings here:


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