Please use our Preparation Guide as a reference for your trip.

If you prefer, you can also download a copy.


Health Requirements

Make an appointment with your local travel clinic as they may have recommendations for you based on your age, health, and past vaccination history.

  • Please consult the CDC and State Department websites for updated information on domestic and international travel.

Dietary Needs

Please alert us to any dietary restrictions or food allergies you have, particularly if your restrictions change closer to departure. We will do our best to accommodate most dietary requirements.

Training for Your Trip

To make the most of your adventure, we recommend training before your trip (with your doctor’s permission!). We have a partnership with Trailblazer Wellness, a company that will design an individualized fitness plan for you if you wish to train before your adventure. AdventureWomen guests receive a 10% discount with the code AVW.

Below are general descriptions of what you might encounter. For specific details about your trip, please consult your itinerary.

Activity Level: Moderate

Even a Moderate trip includes walking through markets, climbing stairs at museums or hotels, or exploring villages with cobblestone streets. With your physician’s approval, a routine such as easy cardio or aerobic activity a couple of times per week will help you enjoy the excursions. This could include walking, swimming, or biking, among other options.

Activity Level: Active

Our Active adventures get you on your feet! You should be in good physical condition and may do activities such as walking through markets, kayaking in calm waters, biking well-maintained trails, and hiking or walking on some uneven and slippery surfaces while exploring. Active adventures may range from mellow activities including sightseeing to thrilling adventures such as dogsledding, snowmobiling, or whitewater rafting (trip- and season-dependent). With your physician’s approval, we suggest cardio or aerobic activity several times per week to prepare for an Active trip. This could include 30 minutes of swimming, running, hiking, or training on the Stairmaster, elliptical, or treadmill machines.

Activity Level: High Energy

Our High Energy adventures are designed for women who enjoy a physical challenge and love being on the go! You should be prepared for itineraries that may include (but are not limited to): biking on a rolling terrain, hiking 5-10 miles on moderate to steep trails, being active at high altitudes, whitewater rafting, or skiing. With your physician’s approval, we suggest a cardio and strength program three to four times per week to get ready for a High Energy trip. This could include swimming, running, hiking; or training on the Stairmaster, elliptical, or treadmill machines, along with upper and lower body strength training.

Activity Level: Challenging

Our Challenging adventures get your heart rate pumping and are more athletic. These treks can be demanding yet deeply rewarding, designed for seasoned outdoor enthusiasts.

Training for your trek requires both physical and mental preparation. You do not need technical climbing skills or prior experience at altitude, but do not underestimate the demands of the climb. Endurance, good cardiovascular health, and a strong desire to finish the trek are important. To participate in a Challenging trip, you should be in excellent physical condition and be able to hike 10 miles per day in steeper, more rugged terrain.

With your physician’s approval, we suggest that you begin focused training for a Challenging trip at least 60-90 days before your departure, more rigorous training at 15-60 days prior, and then taper off in the final two weeks before you depart. You should consult your physician if you are significantly altering your physical routine for training.

Preparing for Your Trip

Once you have booked, you will be introduced to your trip manager who will help you prepare for your trip. She will be your point of contact until you return from your adventure and is happy to answer all your questions and concerns. You’ll receive the forms below, which need to be returned within two weeks of booking your trip:

  • Information Form
  • Booking Conditions Form
  • Supplemental Health and Safety Forms
  • Additional supplemental activity form(s), if applicable

In addition to the forms, you’ll need to send copies of your passport. Citizens of the United States must have a passport valid for six months beyond their travel dates with at least two blank facing pages. If you do not have a passport, please apply now!

Your trip manager will also need a full copy of your flight itinerary from the airline (complete with flight numbers, departure and arrival times for all flights, and your airline record locators.) We suggest you purchase your flights 3-6 months prior to the departure date and share the itinerary prior to purchasing to be sure it lines up with the trip. We also suggest booking refundable or changeable flights.

Final Payment

Final payment is due 90 days prior to departure.

We can take a maximum of $1,500 per person on a credit card (including your deposit), and the remainder of your balance is payable by check or wire transfer.

Pay by Check: Make your check out to AdventureWomen and note your booking number in the memo line. You can mail it to:

10 Mount Auburn Street, Suite 2  Watertown, MA 02472

Wire Transfers: We will be happy to send you instructions if you would like to send payment via wire transfer. If you plan to send a wire transfer, please note your booking number in the transfer information and let us know the transfer is coming.

Wiring money to AdventureWomen, from a US Bank: Bank: Cambridge Trust Company

Bank Address: 1336 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA Account Name: AdventureWomen, LLC Account Number: 1466676602

ABA or Routing Number: 011300595

Wiring money to AdventureWomen, from a Bank outside the US:

Bank: Cambridge Trust Company

Bank Address: 1336 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA Account Name: AdventureWomen, LLC Account Number: 1466676602



How much money do I need to bring? In general, credit cards are accepted, and ATMs are available in larger cities internationally and domestically. If you want to buy souvenirs at smaller shops, markets, or farms, you should have some cash in local currency on hand. We typically suggest $100- 200, but this is a personal decision.

How much do you recommend for gratuities? Gratuities are highly trip-dependent, and details will be provided to you prior to departure. We typically suggest $200-250 (or more) for gratuities. Tipping is at your discretion!

Adding onto Your Trip

If you want to add extra nights or a longer extension before or after your trip, give us a call, and we may be able to help.


Am I sharing a room?

When you registered for your adventure,  you selected a double or a single room (and in some cases, you also chose a specific room or cabin grade). Singles are available on a first-come, first-serve basis for an additional supplement.

If you are in a double room, we will randomly pair you up with a roommate and rotate at each new accommodation. If you request to be matched with a specific roommate, you will have the same roommate throughout the entire trip.

Travel Insurance

Should I get travel insurance?

Because the unforeseen and unexpected can occur before you leave or when you are away from home, we strongly encourage you to purchase travel insurance to protect your trip investment. Insurance may provide coverage for some or all of the following:

  • Trip Cancellation and/or Trip Interruption – Reimburses prepaid, non-refundable expenses up to the limit of your policy if you must cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances due to such things as sickness, injury, or other reasons detailed in the
  • Trip Delay – Reimburses up to the limit of your policy for additional expenses for meals, accommodations, essential phone calls, and transportation if your trip is delayed for more than five hours due to covered
  • Missed Connection – Reimburses up to the limit of your policy if inclement weather or common carrier causes a cancellation or a delay of regularly scheduled airline flights for three or more hours to your point of
  • Medical Expense Coverage – Pays for necessary medical expenses due to injury or sickness, provided initial treatment was received while on the
  • Emergency Evacuation – Covers evacuation and transportation as directed by a physician to the nearest adequate medical facility, or home if medically
  • Baggage and Personal Effects Loss – Can reimburse you if your baggage is lost, stolen, or damaged while on your
  • Baggage Delay – If your baggage is delayed more than 12 hours while on a trip, you can be reimbursed for the purchase of necessary personal effects, subject to policy

There are many policies to choose from with varying coverage levels, and pricing varies accordingly. Insurance will not cover all situations, but it will give you peace of mind.

When should I purchase insurance? You can purchase travel insurance at any point. However, more coverage is available if you purchase insurance within two weeks of making your deposit. This includes options for preexisting conditions and Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR), among others.

Do you have any suggestions? TravelGuard comes highly recommended by our guests.

Your AdventureWomen Ambassador

Many of our trips include an AdventureWomen Ambassador. An Ambassador is a representative  of the AdventureWomen brand as well as a liaison between you and your in-destination guide(s). While the Ambassador is not your guide or local expert, her work behind the scenes will transform your adventure into a memorable experience. We will introduce you to your Ambassador closer to departure.


Learn more about our Traveling Safely with Us guidelines.