Yellowstone National Park in Winter : Guest Reviews

In 2017, nine Adventure Women spent a week in Montana exploring the natural beauty of Yellowstone National Park in winter. They spent their winter vacation viewing wildlife, hiking, dog sledding, snowshoeing, and more! Here is what they had to say about their winter Yellowstone experience…

What were your favorite activities on the trip?

“Dog sledding, trip into Yellowstone and a chance to meet Jim Halfpenny” -Kathleen M

“Dog sledding, trying out snowshoeing and wildlife viewing” -Nancy L

“Snowshoeing, dog sledding, hiking, and Jim Halfpenny’s Research Center” -Becky K

 Did you experience feelings of triumph and empowerment on this trip?

“The entire trip made me feel empowered” -Nancy B

“Stepped outside my comfort zone! Checked off my bucket list. To see the snow and mountains and the wildlife was everything I was hoping for.” -Leslie E

“The art of snowshoeing is a wonderful accomplishment.  Leslie, our guide, made everyone feel very comfortable regardless of their level.” -Becky K

“I had never dog sledded before so that felt both challenging and empowering.” -Karyn F

“I was able to do activities I never had thought to try before” -Kathleen M

What will you remember looking back on your trip to Yellowstone?

“Fantastic camaraderie” -Nancy B

“The beauty of this winter place…and the new friends.” -Leslie E

“Fun in a great place!” -Nancy L

“I won’t forget the dog sledding and would love to do that again.  And I have fallen in love with Yellowstone and Montana and will definitely return.” -Karyn F