Hiking the Canadian Rockies: Guest Reviews

When we launched our Canadian Rockies hiking trip in 2017, little did we know how popular this trip would be. The hiking spectacular. The glacier hiking surreal. The caving exciting. But the rafting! That was one of the biggest thrills!

Here’s what our guests had to say about their active adventure in the mountains of Canada…

What were your favorite activities?

“Whitewater rafting- my first time” -Lisa M.

“White water rafting, the glacier walk, and caving.” -Michelle G.

“Rafting and hiking sentinel pass, Peyton Lake, Silver Creek falls and biking legacy trail” -Susie R.

“Glacier walking with hot cocoa at the top” -Katie G.

“Going into the cave!” -Jennifer A.

“I really enjoyed the experience of caving.  The hikes were great, and our guides tried to give us experiences that were not so touristy.  River rafting was also a lot of fun.” -Barbara G.

Did any experience leave you feeling triumphant? Empowered? Challenged?


“This trip got me out of my comfort zone!  Long hikes, rafting and caving.” -Ginny H.

“Most of the activities on this trip I had not done before, some of it was intimidating.  So, it was great to push through some “fears”. “ -Michelle G.

“Getting up Sentinel Pass as an experience I had focused on in all my training leading up to the trip” -Susie R.

“Absolutely felt triumphant.  I don’t swim well and was terrified at rafting, but I ended up enjoying it immensely.  I also questioned my physical stamina to make it to the top of Sentinel Pass, and it felt amazing to pose on the top of the pass for a triumphant “I did it” photo.” -Katie G.

“Yes, so proud of all I was able to do.  Without AW I would not have had these opportunities.  This trip really helped my personal confidence.” -Anonymous

“All of it!  This was my first trip like this and it made me feel strong to not only do it, but fully participate in the whole experience.  Loved being in the front of the white-water raft and on top of the rock on the Summit trail.  Any worries that I had that I can’t do something like this trip are gone.  I feel this past week has only reinforced that I can be as strong and fearless as I want to be.” -Leigh Z

“I had done all the activities before, but it was my first time joining a whole group of people I didn’t know.  I found that very rewarding.” -Barbara G.

“Caving was something I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I realized that I enjoyed it tremendously and actually don’t have a fear of the dark or tight spaces that I thought I had.    Also, rooming with complete strangers had me a little apprehensive but actually it workout out great.” -Karen D. 

What will you remember the most from this trip?

“Hanging with the final four at Calgary airport” -Patricia S.

“Out of all my trips, the guides on this trip were by far the best. Amazing in every aspect.” -Liza M.

“The whole traveling by myself thing.  Being with a group of people I don’t know…trying new things.” Michelle G.

“Fantastic weather, natural beauty, clean air and water, Big Nature.” -Susie R.

“Amazing adventures and exceptional comradery” -Katie Gallagher

“I am reminded that I love Big Nature and I will continue to carve out as much of my life to be in it.” -Jennifer A.

“I can’t believe that I didn’t do this sooner.” -Leigh Z

“Friendships forged.  The knowledge, kindness, capability and enthusiasm of our guides.  The kindness and graciousness of the AW ambassador.” -Barbara G.

“This was a well-run, professional company that provides great opportunities for women to experience many things, especially for those who do not necessarily have travel companions of their own.” Karen D.