Iceland Adventures In The Land of Fire and Ice: What Adventure Women Are Saying

In mid July 2017, AdventureWomen traveled with a very fun group to the magical island of Iceland on a multi-activity adventure in the land of “fire and ice”. We enjoyed an active Icelandic vacation that showcased this unique and fabulous island as insiders (the Icelandic people) best know it.

Here are some guest traveler reviews of our Iceland “Fire and Ice” adventure!

What were their favorite activities while in Iceland?

The boat ride! The ice cave, snow mobiles, ATVs, the Viking Sushi…and the dinners were fabulous. -Ali M.

Riverboat ride, ATV, snowmobiles. And the farewell dinner the last night was incredible. (I ate way too much). -Kathy M.

ATV ride through the rugged terrain of the volcanic peninsula.

A chance to experience tolting on our horseback riding adventure. -Judy T.

The talks about making cheese and chocolate and walking in the ice tunnel. -Charlene P.

The chocolate factory visit!

When asked if they had feelings of triumph, empowerment or were challenged in anyway while enjoying Iceland, they responded:

Trying different foods: fermented shark and cod liver oil! -Elizabeth D.

The first 3 or 4 times of disrobing in public to enter the hot pools. But it became normal. -Julie P.

It was empowering to meet such a competent woman Icelandic guide. She was very special. -Susan T.

Two AdventureWomen with Dorothy (right), their fantastic Icelandic guide!

Boat ride was pretty bad ass! -Ali M.

All of it! Traveling on my own was a big step for me in itself. I was pleased that I could handle the snowmobile, ATV, and the horse. Spending a week with 14 women I didn’t know around the clock felt overwhelming to me but in the end it was easy. -Anne P.

Ready for the Farewell Dinner

Horseback riding- I had never done that before. -Charlene P.

What will you remember most from your trip to Iceland?

What a great way to see Iceland. I could never have planned this on my own. -Elizabeth D.

I loved this trip! It was packed with fabulous activities. -Charlene P.

Riding the famous Icelandic horses

Our AdventureWomen Ambassador, Megan, enjoying the Goat Farm

A well run trip in a very beautiful country. -Susan T.

Snowmobile and the glacier tunnel. -Cheryl C.

My grandmother (who was with me) asking for more 360’s on the boat ride! I hope I’m like that when I am her age. -Ali M.


The exhilarating jet boat ride

Fun time with a group of lovely ladies! -Kathy M.

If this trip is right up your alley, we are offering a similar Icelandic trip in 2019! Stay tuned!