Stress Free Travel for Women: 5 Tips for Optimizing Your Fun While Exploring the World

Traveling, whether domestic or international, can sometimes really test your patience. From lost luggage to missed connections, wireless connections that don’t work, and weather that disappoints, things can, and sometimes do, go awry. We’ve found that women are adept at surmounting these obstacles. Maybe it’s our reservoirs of resilience. Our ability to multitask and focus on the forest not just the trees. Our willingness to embrace the help of others to solve problems. We continue to be inspired by the ability of our travelers at AdventureWomen to turn twists of fate into funny stories and amusing accolades. They really know how to de-stress while on the road, making the most out of every experience, good and bad.

How do women remain stress-free while traveling? Five ways…

#1. Plan Ahead.

A Plan B or C will get you through a lot of Plan A screw ups. You can reduce stress while traveling by taking a few precautionary steps:

  • Email yourself a copy of your passport and drivers license. If these get lost/stolen, presto, you’re set if you need a temporary one
  • Download apps before you leave. Think GPS, Airline, Language Translation, Currency Converter
  • Buy an external battery charging pack for your phone and a second charger
  • Put everything you must have in your carry-on
  • Buy travel insurance

Don’t forget your essentials!

#2.  Stay Hydrated and Get Plenty of Sleep

By making sure you are well rested and hydrated before traveling as well as during your trip, you can reduce the impact of jet-lag once you’ve arrived and reduce the chances of deep vein thrombosis while traveling.

Water straight from a glacial stream in Canada

#3. Stay Healthy While On the Road

Staying healthy while on the road is an essential part of your traveling toolkit. Wash your hands often. Bring sanitary wipes or hand sanitizer gel with you when passing through public spaces. Bring any vitamins and medications you might need (over the counter and prescription).

#4: Let Go Of What You Can’t Control

If you find yourself in a situation where your schedule is interrupted, flights are delayed, connections lost, luggage lost etc., try to take the necessary steps to continue your travel (re-book, document, communicate with others) then let it go. Try to turn your unexpected twist of fate into a new adventure and find something, anything positive to focus on.

Sunset in Bagan, Myanmar

#5. Reduce Re-entry and Return Anxiety

One of the most stressful times in most trips is re-entry to your post-vacation “real life”. The email pile you will encounter. Culture shock and jet-lag. The deadlines waiting for you at work. The end of relaxation and your wonderful vacation buzz. How can you reduce these stress points? Seasoned travelers use different strategies for dealing with these issues. You can try to give yourself one day at home before returning to work. And you can also plan to start planning your next trip the day after you get home!

What are your strategies for de-stressing while traveling, Adventure Women? Tell us on Facebook!